Tip: Spotlight searches with Boxcryptor

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Quicksilver splash

I have been trying to get Boxcryptor to play nice with Spotlight but it has been a no go.

There is a way to turn it on. However, it has not worked for me. 

I have found a work around with using the out-of-beta version 1 of Quicksilver. By putting the Boxcryptor volume into the Quicksilver catalog, I get an index of the Boxcryptor volume. 

It is not a perfect solution. Searching for a folder when saving still requires Spotlight (which still won’t work even if you have Quicksilver installed). However, this work around does the job if you are just looking for files on your hard drive.

Oh noes! Now he’s caught them all!!1

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Caught them all

Fujitsu Scansnap iX500 vs s1500m

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IStock 000008465949Small

I set up the new Fujitsu Scansnap iX500 desktop scanner today. Is it faster? Take a look:

I’m not going to review it. There are plenty of those online. Here’s a quick run down:

  • Is it faster? Hells yeah! The s1500 is now officially s   l   o   w.
  • Is the Wifi anything to write home about? Not for me. Scanning to an iPhone or iPad seems like a gimmick.
  • Does the USB3 matter? I thought it would make a huge difference, but I tested the iX500 with a ~2008 era mac mini and USB doesn’t seem to be the bottleneck.
  • Is the built in processor noticeably faster. YES! I ran one test with the “old” s1500m plugged in to the 2008 mac mini and pressing the blue start button at the same time, it took the mini about 5 seconds to start. The video above is with the new iX500 attached to the mac mini and the old s1500 attached to a speedy retina macbook. It looks like the faster chip in the iX500 makes up for slow machine.

A hidden gem is the ability to do background OCR with a new option in the Scansnap Manager software. Here is a video on how to do this:

Caveat: while the iX500 is wireless, it is not a stand alone scanner. It still needs to be “attached” to a computer system either by wifi or the USB3 cable. In practice this means you can have the scanner in your mail room and your computer in another room. However, you cannot use the iX500 without a computer.

Do I like and recommend it? Yes. Yes I do.

Political Mind Control

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IStock 000007289515XSmall

I started listening to Andrea Seabrook’s Decode DC podcast. Episode 2 is a real scorcher! Listen the neuroscience behind the language used in Washington to try to get you to think certain ways on issues.

Ethics of Going Paperless

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I recently had the chance to present on how to take a law office paperless and cover the ethical issues involved with a digital scanning and cloud technology for the Colorado Family Law conference.

Here are the materials from the presentation: Paperless & cloud materials.

For more information about the issues of going paperless, using cloud technology, SaaS, and virtual law offices, take a look at Nicole Black’s “Cloud Computing for Lawyers” from the ABA (Amazon link). Psst: one of my articles is in it, so… SQUEE! However, I’m not getting paid. So you can buy it without worrying that you are enriching me in the process.

Domain name “legal threat” or sales letter?

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Screen Shot 2012 12 07 at 9 41 42 AM
Watch out for this fax from USNameRegistrar (dot) com! What would you think if you got a fax with the following in it:

  • Final Notice
  • Intellectual property notification
  • False descriptions and dilution of trademarks…
  • Use of a domain name in bad faith…

Why that looks like I may be in violation of someone’s intellectual property! Am I about to be sued? Oh, noes!

However, as best as I can tell, this is sales letter trying to get me to register ColoradoDisability (dot) us because my disability firm already has a similar domain registered. Anyone care to guess how much they would like to charge to sell the domain to me?

But here’s the thing: would any reasonable person think this is a sales letter on first reading? Hell no! Take a look at the letter for yourself:  usnameregistrar fax.

TextExpander from Noob to Ninja!

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One of the best presentations at MILOfest was Brett Burney’s guide to using TextExpander like a BOSS!

Here is part one covering the basics:

Viewing tip: bump up the youtube video resolution to see what Brett is typing!

Part 2 is UP! (Even with an i7 and seeing 8 cores light up, processing video takes so looooooong!)

Part 3: “From Milan to Minsk” is UP at long last:

Stab Me In The Eye BRILLIANT Text Expander Snippet!

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IStock 000000254386XSmall
Does this dialog box look familiar? The “Paste Special” dialog box in Microsoft Word. Screen Shot 2012 11 10 at 1 07 21 PM
Hate it? Yeah, we all do! So many frickin keys just to past unformatted text.

After Brett Burney‘s presentation on how to be a Text Expander ninja (videos coming soon) at the 2012 MILOfest, Scott Palmer showed me one of the most useful Text Expander snippets I ever saw. And it is also one of the easiest to set up.

Here it is:
Screen Shot 2012 11 10 at 1 12 15 PM

What does it do? It pastes whatever text you have in the clipboard as unformatted text. That’s it. However, how many times have you copied text from a website or another file and tried to paste it into Word or another program and still got formatting — even if you used cmd-shift-v!

This works! Type “ptp” and the text appears with no formatting. Three simple clicks (or select your own abbreviation). Give it a try!

Happiness and Purpose

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IMG 4836

Larry Port is presenting on “Hacking Your Mind” at MILOfest. He mentioned a some of things I’ve written about before as well as new items. This provides a good chance to review some of the things that make us happy in our lives.

First up is Martin Seligman’s TED talk revealing the importance of meaning, engagement and having pleasure in one’s life.

Next up is Simon Sinek’s presentation on the importance of “Why” – the need to have purpose and how it inspires others.

Finally, is Teresa Amabile’s presentation on how doing one very simple thing, keeping a journal, can keep you happy.

RocketMatter Scoop: Email Integration Coming!

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IMG 4832

At MILOfest, Larry Port revealed a new feature coming out Rocket Matter: email integration.

Instead if requiring you to forward emails to a gobblegook email address, you just file the email into a matter folder in your own email program.

Using IMAP, each email in the matter folder is automagically associated with the matter in RocketMatter.

Larry says the new email integration is rolling out to users next week.