Maker Spotlight – Legal Blogs

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Flashing Lights

CC photo credit: jurvetson

Lawyers who take time to create great content, explain the law and keep it entertaining, deserve credit.

Here are 10 lawyers and legal professions who created amazing content this week!

  1. Lawyers Who Text in Court, LL Cool J and Other Scholarly Musings
  2. The Emergency Doctrine
  3. Top 10 Bankruptcy Myths [post removed from source site]
  4. Ready, Fire, Aim: How Not To Threaten Sanctions Against Opposing Counsel
  5. Yes, It’s Really Hard
  6. Watch Your Mouth
  7. Lawyer Sued After Delivering Belly Bump, Sucker Punch
  8. Podcast 67: Do You Really Want to Hurd Me
  9. Untangling CLE Reciprocity
  10. Estate Tax Uncertainty Has No End In Sight

Here’s to the makers!