100 Tips – Day 2 Recursive Writing

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Yellow 22

100Tips is Tomasz Stasiuk’s diary, journal, and escape from his attempt to write a book on 100 Social Security Hearing Tips in 100 days. You can read all the posts here

Resistance Watch

Today was about contact lenses and a discrete bag for the Macbook Air. Mostly.

I think of myself as being decisive. When I decide to do something, I usually do it. I thought about getting contact lenses again (for the first time since ~1991) over the weekend, when the family went up to Indian Hot Springs. Going blurry while swimming pretty much sucks, although it also makes you less self-conscious in a swim suit. This is the opposite of calming yourself before a speech by imagining your audience naked. Here, if I can’t see other bathers, I feel much more confident that they cannot get a good look at me. Folly obviously, but it works surprisingly well.

So, for a good part of today, I was researching how contact lens have changed over 20 years (back then, they were made out wood dont-ya-know), figuring out associated costs and brand differences.

Getting back to point, being decisive may be a nice way of describing this. Another way would be “flighty.”

Beyond that was a trip to the Apple store to find a discrete bag for my 13″ MacBook Air. Yesterday, I was typing a couple of articles my iPad while the kids played at the park. I can manage writing on an iPad. However, because of the lack of multitasking, finding and copying urls is more trouble than it should be. So, I want to find a small bag to carry the Air in when working on the book. The theory being that being able to prior articles from my disability blog would make writing easier.

I also…

  • Tried to figure out whether Scrivener accepts Markdown out of the box or whether I have configure it in some way.
  • Ran “Software Update” on multiple systems.
  • And, checked to see in “ImpendingDoom” is available as a Twitter account, since making people get emails that say “ImpendingDoom is now following you” amuses me. It is taken.

So, this is what I am doing instead of writing the book.

Recursive Writing

If you are wondering when I am going to get around to discussing recursive writing? It is right now.

One thing that scares me right now is trying to figure out how basic to make the first parts of the book. As I mentioned yesterday, I want to jump straight in to the useful bits. However, I understand I need to discuss some basics first. Now, I am used to recursive writing. I do it all the time on my disability blog. I start off with one post, then I realize that I have to lay the background before it will make sense, which requires an earlier post, and so on.

Often this is a good thing. I think I only have an idea for one post. In reality, there is material for three or four. The downside, however, is that I chains me to writing until all the prerequisite posts and the “top” post are done.

The answer is simple, I just need to write it out. I can cut out sections later. The problem is this self-imposed one-tip-a-day deadline I set for myself.

It is much easier to write about writing, than actually to do the writing. Which is why I’m here writing this.

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