6 Myths of Going Paperless

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(Originally published on Colorado Social Security Law)

There are a lot of myths about going paperless

Scanned records are only black and white. I have documents with graphics, highlighted sections, signatures, and notes in pen. If I scan it, it won’t look the same.

False. Today’s scanners scan color at the same speeds as black and white. You can have all the advantages of digital documents and still have the highlighted sections, signatures in blue ink, and even color pictures or graphics.

I’ve seen scans. They are blurry and low quality.

They can be, but they do not have to be. The scanners in my office are fast enough to scan at a high resolution allowing for crisp, clean digital images.

I prefer to read from paper. I don’t want to have to read everything from a computer screen.

You do not have to! Print off a copy. Jot down notes on it. Highlight it. Your coffee cup left a ring on it? Don’t worry, it is just a copy. The original is safe in the computer. And if you find that you want to preserve the notes you made on the print out, just scan it in!

Computers crash, hard drives fail. What happens to my digital files then?

Yes, hard drives fail. But, paper burns, or stains, or pages can get stuck together. Heck, mice will even eat paper. Physical paper files get misplaced or lost. Do you “back-up” your paper? Or, are your paper files the only originals you have?

With digital files, it is easy to make back-up copies, even multiple back-up copies. On the whole, digital files are more secure then paper files.

When you scan documents, you lose any secret notes someone may have written on the back of a document.

Nope. My scanner does duplex scanning (scanning both the front and back of pages). I get the whole document, including any notes on the back.

Scanning is just a gimmick. It doesn’t do anything for the client.

I will admit there is a “wow” factor when I hand back my client’s original document seconds after receiving it and the digital version comes right up on the monitor facing the client. But, the real value is that I can pull up any documentany letterany recordon any case, from my laptop at any timeThat is the real wow!