3 Advantages of a “Paperless” Office

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(Originally published on Colorado Social Security Law)

“Paperless” does not mean having no paper in your office. It simply means not relying on paper as the sole means of keeping information.

Attorneys who have gone “paperless” either get documents digitally or scan in all documents coming in to the office.

Is your attorney “paperless?” If not, should he be?


  1. Digital storage of all documents allows for instantaneous recall of documents at all workstations. No more trying to figure out where the file is: is it in the partner’s office, with the secretary, in the associate’s car? In a “paperless” office the file is always available.
  2. Digital storage allows for copies in multiple locations. If your attorney uses paper files, what would happen if your attorney’s office had a fire? Or if there was a flood? Or a hurricane? No attorney I know who still uses paper, keeps multiple copies of paper documents in different locations in case of a disaster. But in digital offices it is easy to make duplicate copies of all records and store them out of the office, or even in another state! If disaster strikes, there is always another copy.
  3. Attorneys who have gone digital can use Social Security’s Electronic Records Express (ERE) service to digitally submit records directly into their client’s files at Social Security. This allows nearly instantaneous electronic submission of evidence directly into the Social Security file, eliminating mailing and filing delays. Electronically submitted evidence is instantly associated with a client’s file and immediately available for review by Social Security, potentially resulting in a faster decision. ERE is gives Social Security much higher quality documents than is possible with faxes, and in color.

Going digital with my office has let me leap ahead of other practitioners and provide greater service to my clients. Every medical record we have is just a few keystrokes away.

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