Starting With A Dream

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ambulation flight

CC photo credit: Wonderlane

The Microsoft Vision 2019 video isn’t new. As of this writing it’s about 18 months (!) old. But, it is still an amazing vision. Well, assuming your don’t stop to consider just why the world of 2019 is so unpopulated. To me, it’s a bit like the Lathe of Heaven after George make the world less crowded. However, that aside… The interface designs are amazing! Instant access, instant sharing, across devices, non-modal interfaces.

It’s geek nirvana! I have written before that Microsoft is a company who knows how to dream big. Screen issues, battery sizes, all that be damned! Let the engineers figure that out!

But, the dream, the direction, the finger pointing to mars and saying, “yes, we will go there,” it is the beginning and it is the impetus that continues to drive us after that moment of inspiration leaves us and we are left to figure out those engineering nightmares that leave us cursing that we ever had the vision at all.

So, the question becomes: what will you do with your inspiration? Will you push it down until it passes and you can get back to your job. Will you see it as a gift or as a distraction. Because, while it lasts, it makes everything you are doing right now seem terribly mundane and it aches with the power of possibility.

What is your dream? What contribution do you want to leave?