Most People Consume Content, Few Create

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An experiment in visual kinetics

CC photo credit: paul (dex)

One of the things from OpenCamp that resonated with me, was the idea that most people simply consume content, few people create it.

This is clearly true from film to novels to music. However, it is not limited to those areas.

People are out there looking for legal information. There is nothing stopping lawyers from filling that need. And yet, so many don’t bother to. It’s not that they don’t see the need. I haven’t met an attorney who hasn’t gone to the web to clarify a legal point.

It is just that most people are simple consumers. They will never create.

Thankfully, this provides an amazing opportunity for lawyers who are willing to invest the time to create content. And best of all, creating content puts you into an exclusive club.

So, do you just want to be a consumer, or do you want to join the much smaller, and more exclusive, ranks of creators? You CAN do it. Start a blog! Put up a presentation! Make a video!