Why Lawyers Need To Blog: Adding Your Voice

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After the El Paso County Solo-Small Firm Section meeting, I was talking with one of the attorneys about blogging. While he has decades of experience, he debated whether he had anything to add to the information already available on the web.

A lot of attorneys feel this way about starting a blog: “It’s already been done, and by more experienced attorneys. What can I possibly contribute by adding to the din.”

The answer is simple: you are adding your unique voice.

Think back to your school days. Remember that special teacher that finally helped make sense of a subject. Maybe it was geometry, maybe it was calculus or chemistry. Perhaps it was the “bundle of sticks” that is property law. You had the information before, but you just couldn’t grasp it until that teacher helped you. Afterward, your mouth formed a perfect “o” and it suddenly became clear (or at least the first crack of light appeared in the darkness).

You have your own unique, personal knowledge of the law. You have your own experiences that have taught you the difference between the black letter and the way the law is actually applied in your practice area.

You have knowledge that readers are craving.

You also have your own unique way of describing things. Whether you are lyrical or halting, jumping between subjects or jumping up and down in fury or exuberance; there is no one who can explain the law just like you can.

When people look for a lawyer on the web, they are looking for three things:

  • Someone who can help them.
  • Someone who can explain the law.
  • Someone they can get along with.

The first is a given: the public expects lawyers to know the law. The other two, being able to explain the law and being likable are how people decide which lawyer to work with. By blogging you get to show the public that you can make sense of the law and it lets people get to know you.

Are you on the fence about starting a blog? What’s holding you back? If you are blogging, what got you started?  Let me know in the comments!

  • http://www.thejugglingwriter.com Christopher Gronlund

    While I’m not a lawyer, this is great advice for anybody who has knowledge they can share.

    A good friend is a lawyer and a few friends I’ve referred to him were surprised how helpful he was; how he came to them around their schedules, no matter the distance. Other friends were amazed by what he offered for free…and in most cases, it usually comes back to this friend, either in the form of a case of somebody he helped for free referring other to him.

    I’ve known this friend well before he became a lawyer, and he was always one of the kindest people I knew.

    Lawyers are often the subject of jokes (that is, until the people knocking them need them). Being able to have who you are come through in blog entries, I’d imagine, can only show people that there are so many great lawyers out there.

    It’s those little things that make me choose to do business with somebody. If I can see blog entries that show the kind of character I prefer dealing with, I’m definitely more likely to do business with the person.

    To me, blogs are about sharing, and a lawyer or anybody else who’s willing to share is the kind of person I’m more likely to give my money to if it ever comes to that.