Why Lawyers Need To Create Content: The Snowball Effect

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CC photo credit: pincusvt

Creating content is hard. Believe me, I know. It sucks sitting down in front of a blank page. And when it comes to making videos, as soon as the camera light comes on, a fog descends in my brain.

However, there are rewards that come from creating. And I am not talking about the intangible sense of satisfaction of seeing something you have created. I am referring to real world perks.

Articles lead to…
… calls from attorneys around the country,
… which lead to interviews in the media,
… which leads to speaking engagements,
… which leads to completely new opportunities.

Of course, it may not happened immediately, and not all at once. However, it is surprising what nifty opportunities present themselves when you create content.

All you bloggers out there! What opportunities have presented themselves through blogging?