How To Find A Great Contract Attorney

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Legal researcher, legal writer and attorney-at-law, Rebecca Phalen revealed how hiring a contract attorney can make your life easier. Today, she takes us to the next step:

So how do I find a contract attorney?

The best way is word of mouth. Put the request on an e-mail list that you trust. Tweet about it. Use Google. Because you will supervise the contract attorney, you are not limited to attorneys in your state. As you receive responses, have high expectations. Know what you are looking for and what level of experience will satisfy you.

Here are the first questions I would ask:

  • Do you maintain a conflict database?
  • Can you provide proof of professional liability insurance?
  • Are you licensed in good standing?
  • Can you submit a resume?
  • Do you have access to your own research resources? (if necessary for the project)
  • Can you provide references?
  • Provide a writing sample?
  • Do you keep detailed time entries? (for projects billed hourly)

If the prospective contract attorney cannot answer “yes” to all of those questions, then don’t move forward.

But if the contract attorney satisfies you on those questions, and you like what you hear from the references and see on their website, then ask about their experience, their availability, and their rate. You do not have to meet the contract attorney in person; you can have a great working relationship by telephone and e-mail.

These suggestions should help you find a contract attorney who can help you grow your practice, while offering a little stress relief.

Check out Rebecca’s site and definitely read her blog.