Hurray For Crap!

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Happiness is excitement that has found a settling down place.  But there is always a little corner that keeps flapping around.  ~E.L. Konigsburg

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I was sitting thinking about my brother reading this site. I could just imaging how the conversation would go.

You have another site? Cool! What’s the url?

No, don’t read it.

Why not?

Because it’s crap!

Oh, come on.

And so on.

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t really think this site is crap. At least I certainly hope it isn’t. Although, if you disagree, feel free to tell me in the comments. I just do not think it is good enough for my brother. However, it is the best I can do at the moment. I am used to writing about Social Security topics. However, every subject is different and I am still cutting my teeth on writing technology and law practice posts on a regular basis.

This made me think about a conversation I was having with my wife about the dangerous myth of innate talent. Generally in this society, we believe that people are naturally good at things.

Wow, he’s a good football player.
She’s such a talented violinist.
They really know how to deal with problem kids.

The problem with this it totally discounts the value of the hard work that goes into making a person a success.¬†What we call talent is usually just a starting point. It may make things initially easier. However, how far you go depends on the effort put in. Of course, effort alone does not guarantee success, but it is a good predictor of how far a person will go. You may never play in the NBA if you are only 5 foot nothing even if you practice 50 hours a week. However, you may well become the will be the best 5 foot tall player. Yes, I am talking obliquely about Malcom Gladwell’s 10,000 hour rule.

What does this have to do with blogging? I write to become a better writer. I realize that I may not be creating the best content on the internet. I also know I will never create better content without writing what I am currently capable of.

So, hurray for crap! Because I know I cannot become a better at anything with first being lousy at it!

  • Christopher Gronlund

    Your entries are definitely anything but lousy. Lousy’s not even remotely a stop along the way to you becoming an even better writer.

    You’re an attorney who had non attorney’s following what you do. Even posts you write directly relating to law usually offer more to me than many A-list bloggers writing about similar things. I know I’m not the only person who looks forward to seeing what you’ve written.

    There’s no doubt you’ll keep getting better. I can’t wait for that day because your blog is already one of the handful of the many blogs I follow that I truly look forward to reading every time!

    • TomaszStasiuk

      Thanks! I really appreciate the kind words.