Legal Mac Tip 3: Find The Hard Drive Hogs

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Prize Pig

More and more lawyers are using laptops as their primary computer. However, music, apps and of course, client files can quickly fill up a laptop hard drive.

Sooner or later, you will start to run out of space on your laptop. One of the best tools for finding the largest files on your drive was Disk Inventory X.

Why is this such a great app?

  • Disk Inventory X visually shows your hard drive letting you quickly find the largest files.
  • Files are grouped together based on folder structure and color coded by type (so you can see just how large your iTunes library is getting).
  • Click on a file to see what it is.
  • Command-click (right click) and choose to view the file in the finder.
  • You can even delete files directly from the application. Of course, you still have to be careful with what you delete. You can seriously and permanently mess up your computer if you start deleting files willy-nilly. However, you will also likely find old files that you forgot about and could easily live without.

The problem is Disk Inventory X has not been updated to run on Intel Macs on Apple OSX 10.6 Snow Leopard, Disk Inventory X won’t work unless you install Rosetta – which just takes up more space on your harddrive. And, well, you don’t get style points for running “classic” power pc software on your new Mac. It’s not like having a collection of vinyl (at least not yet).

Fortunately, there is another app with the functionality of Disk Inventory X that is also a universal OSX application that runs on 10.6 without Rosetta: Grand Perspective.

Grand Perspective gives you all the functionality of Disk Inventory X without forcing you to give over precious hard drive space for Rosetta.

If there is one downside to Grand Perspective it is that it does not open any kind of window when you run it. To initiate a scan, select File -> Scan Folder (shortcut key: Command-S) and then select a folder or just select your hard drive. Grand Perspective will run for  a minute or two (depending on the size of your drive) and the produce a visual chart to let you start pruning unnecessary files!

photo credit: The Pug Father