MILOfest 2010 Larry Port on Connecting Responsibly

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Larry Port of Rocket Matter (an online SaaS legal case management service) presented at MILOfest 2010. Larry started by talking about the change in our lives caused by our connected culture.

Pretend it’s 1987. Don’t tweet. Don’t go online. Don’t use your computer.

Think about how things have changed from 1987 to the present:

Now in 2010, online use is change our culture and our lives!

The internet is actually changing your brain. A study found that heavy web users have heavy activity in the left pre-frontal cortex. When web novices were trained in heavy web use, their pre-frontal cortex also lit up. This is the same part of the brain that is used for hunting and gathering.

The problem is heavy web users were shown distractions during the study, their attention was shifted from the task to the distraction. Put another way, web surfers are more likely to be distracted – and we are becoming trained to be distracted.

What can you do about this?

  • Read a book. No, really! Books are sequential. They don’t have hyperlinks (which you have to choose not to click on). They don’t have banner ads or “punch the monkey” flash ads.
  • Use a “no-distraction” timer. Set a timer for 25 minutes. Until the timer rings, no twitter, no email, no web, no phone calls, no interruptions from co-workers or anyone else. JUST WORK! Use the 25 minutes to get things done.

Check out Responsibly Connected for more.

MILOfest is an annual conference for Mac based law firms.

  • Rocket Matter, LLC

    Tom – thanks for your amazing work covering MILOFest and your succinct summary of my talk!

    • TomaszStasiuk

      No problem. It was great fun!

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  • Trionfire

    I am trying to locate the person at e-mail address Is this the Larry Port on this website

    • TomaszStasiuk

      No idea. You could ask your Larry Port if he is a senior executive at RocketMatter.