MILOfest 2010 Ron Elkins on Using iPad in Trial

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Ron Elkins gave a terrific presentation at MILOfest (Macs in Law Offices) 2010 on how he uses iPads to create a slam dunk trial presentation and cut costs for his office.

Planet10tech caught up with Ron after the presentation for quick run down.

  • Red

    if someone was using an ipad in trial, I would consider them at a disadvantage

    there are better tools

    • TomaszStasiuk

      Not if you were going up against Ron :)
      Ron: Red.
      Red: Ron.
      But alright Red, don’t think you can can just throw a grenade into a room and just walk away. Nuh-uh! You need to bring some knowledge, not just throw down the disparagements. :)

      What’s better than an iPad in trial?

      • Red

        TrialDirector, Sanction, PowerPoint, Keynote, as well as TrialSmart

        Those are all better

        There, that was easy

        I can give a list of 50 things as well the iPad does not from a technical aspect that any of those applications have

        Trying one-day or 1/2 day cases is one thing, but for those of us that are in trial for weeks at a time, it’s laughable to use an iPad to store and display data

        • TomaszStasiuk

          Do you want to do a guest spot on your favorite trial software?

      • Red

        Also, the video will not play

        At all, tried several times

        • TomaszStasiuk

          Plays fine here. It’s youtube hosted so I don’t know why I can play it and you can’t.

  • Steve Weaver

    I am waiting on “Red” to do his guest spot. I would also like to hear how long he tried the iPad and the specific issues he had.

    Steve Weaver

    • TomaszStasiuk

      That would be awesome, but he has not taken me up on the offer. No one HAS to agree with me on this site. I want people to share what works.