MILOfest 2010 Photos!

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Here are the photos from Macs in Law Offices 2010 convention aka MILOfest.

There photographs are also available on my MILOfest Flickr group.

There are videos from the conference coming up (once I get back to Colorado and I don’t have to worry about mobile bandwidth caps)!

Thanks to Victor Medina and everyone who made this a spectacular weekend!

MILOfest 2010 Larry Port on Connecting Responsibly

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Larry Port of Rocket Matter (an online SaaS legal case management service) presented at MILOfest 2010. Larry started by talking about the change in our lives caused by our connected culture.

Pretend it’s 1987. Don’t tweet. Don’t go online. Don’t use your computer.

Think about how things have changed from 1987 to the present:

Now in 2010, online use is change our culture and our lives!

The internet is actually changing your brain. A study found that heavy web users have heavy activity in the left pre-frontal cortex. When web novices were trained in heavy web use, their pre-frontal cortex also lit up. This is the same part of the brain that is used for hunting and gathering.

The problem is heavy web users were shown distractions during the study, their attention was shifted from the task to the distraction. Put another way, web surfers are more likely to be distracted – and we are becoming trained to be distracted.

What can you do about this?

  • Read a book. No, really! Books are sequential. They don’t have hyperlinks (which you have to choose not to click on). They don’t have banner ads or “punch the monkey” flash ads.
  • Use a “no-distraction” timer. Set a timer for 25 minutes. Until the timer rings, no twitter, no email, no web, no phone calls, no interruptions from co-workers or anyone else. JUST WORK! Use the 25 minutes to get things done.

Check out Responsibly Connected for more.

MILOfest is an annual conference for Mac based law firms.

MILOfest 2010: Jack Newton New Clio Developments

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Jack Newton, co-founder of CLIO (an online SaaS case management system) presented about putting your practice in the could at MILOfest is an annual conference for Mac based law firms.

Planet10tech caught up with Jack Newton to find out what’s new with Clio?

MILOfest 2010: Ben Stevens on Taking Notebooks to Go

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Circus Ponies Notebook is a terrific way of keeping track of your cases. I create a “notebook” using the Circus Ponies application for each case in my disability practice.

The only downside of the Notebook is that it is not a cloud application and you have to have a computer (a Mac, actually) to use it. You cannot read Notebook files on on portable devices likes iPads or iPhones.

Ben Stevens (The Mac Lawyer) has a great tip about taking your Notebooks on the go on the iPhone or iPad.

Step 1: export your Notebook. Click File –> Export as Website –> To Disk

Step 2: move the html file to your iPhone or iPad using Airsharing.

Step 3: there is no step 3.

Now you can view your Notebook file on your iPhone or iPad including all of your attachments! That means all of the PDFs, the audio files, the video files (!) you put into a Notebook are THERE in your portable Notebook file!

IMPORTANT: make sure to have “copy the file into the Notebook” selected for the attachments to be included with the exported html file.

Here are some considerations:

  • Manual process. You have to manually export each notebook.
  • Read only. The exported html can only be viewed. You cannot add, change or remove things from the exported notebook file.
  • Notebooks are not updated. One of the gems of the Notebook, is that it is so easy to update what is going on with your case. It may be obvious that once you export the file as an HTML is that the exported file is a snapshot of the Notebook file at a particular time. The exported notebook file will not update with any additional information you may put into the Notebook file on the computer.

MILOfest is an annual conference for Mac based law firms.

Image credit (top image): CC photo credit: Simon Blackley

Techie Tips

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Techie tips:

Heading to MILOfest 2010

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The AA steel sausage

I am heading out to the Macs in Law Offices Convention – MILOfest 2010.

For the next 4 days I will be in Orlando learning about new developments in the legal Mac-a-verse, new ways to run a law firm on an Apple computer, and all the ways being a Mac based lawyer makes your life easier!

Create While The Fire Still Burns

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Sketch Zen
Inspiration does not last. And does not present itself at a time of your choosing. In fact, it will often appear at amazing inconvenient times: when you supposed to be doing homework with the kids, taking care of other work, or driving.

And it hits you! The idea, the thought, that breath of the divine. And you can either stop whatever else you are doing and give yourself over to the inspiration, or try to hold on to it just as long as you can.

The following TED with Elizabeth Gilbert on creativity captures the essence of it.

So, what do you do when inspiration strikes?

Creative Commons License photo credit: Plinkk

8 Questions About Hiring A Contract Lawyer

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Guest writer, Corrine A. Tampas, of What’s Your Authority got such a good response, that I have begged her to write another piece on the most common questions asked when hiring a contract lawyer. Corrine was gracious enough to agree:

1. What is the nature of your law practice?

At present, I conduct legal (and taxation) research and writing for other attorneys (and tax professionals). I do not take pro se clients. I do not represent corporations or businesses in transactional matters unless they have an attorney of record with whom they would like me to work.

2. What services do you offer?

Just about anything on the civil side, including tax matters. This includes opinion letters, litigation documents, requests for private letter rulings, and tax appeals. Sometimes an attorney-client wants me to conduct research without drafting a document. It is all based on what is needed.

3. How did you decide that there is a need for this kind of law practice?

I have known too many frazzled solos and small firm practitioners that were simply overworked. Their practices had grown too large for them to do all the research that needed to be done on certain cases, yet had not grown large enough to bring on new hires. This gives a growing firm room to breathe before making a commitment to expand. Read the rest of this entry »

November Solo Attorney Meetup

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Wednesday November 10, 2010 at Noon is the next Colorado Solo Lawyer meet-up. Check out what you missed if you missed last month’s meetup.

Subject: Marketing strategies. We will be reviewing attendees sites and marketing materials. Contact me if you want your site featured!

Location: 422 East Vermijo Ave Colorado Springs, 3rd floor conference room.

At the pre-meeting (~11:30AM), I will be demoing my paperless systems and answering questions.

Bring your business cards & laptops (wifi available)!

Blogs On Blogging For Beginning Bloggers

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Great articles for starting bloggers:

And a set of more intermediate articles: