Paula Hill on Hiring Your First Virtual Assistant

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Virtual Assistant Paula Hill discusses what a VA can do for your law firm, how to assign tasks as well as make sure the work is done, and how to set up a small project to make sure your office and the virtual assistant can work together successfully.

Jonathan Bailey on Preventing IP Theft on the Web

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Jonathan Bailey, of PlagiarismToday and CopyByte, discusses how content creators can protect their intelectual property and deal with copiers, scrapers and out and out theft on the web. Jonathan talks about balancing safeguarding your IP and not inconveniencing your web audience (for example: whether to allow a full RSS feed), as well the tools bloggers can use to guard their content.

Thanks to Jonathan for the interview at OpenCamp DFW.

Eric Swayne at OpenCamp DFW

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Eric Swayne senior strategist for Rockfish Interactive talks to Planet10tech at the OpenCamp conference about the using and measuring social media strategy effectively.

Wondering what tools to use to measure your social media effectiveness? Check out Eric’s Favorite FREE Social Media Analytics Tools.

Also, check out the slides from Eric’s OpenCamp presentation. Read the rest of this entry »

Cali Lewis at OpenCamp DFW Part 1

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Tech girl extraordinaire, and host of GeekBeat.tvCali Lewis talked to Planet10tech at the OpenCamp conference about the different impacts made by blogging, audio and video — and how to get started!

This video is part 1 of 2. You may recall my prior post about recording several videos before realizing the external mic was not working. Well, this is one of those video. The sound quality is ok, but not stellar. However, I thought you might still enjoy seeing Cali speak about getting out there and creating your own content.

Chris Pirillo at OpenCamp DFW

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Chris Pirillo interviewed at OpenCamp Dallas Fort Worth. Chris was gracious take time following his presentation to discuss blogging, vlogging and how to build an audience.

Low Quality Faxes – When Cheap Equals Stupid

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Boy and Fax Machine

I just got a fax from a CPA on one of my Colorado Social Security disability cases. The fax is painfully low resolution. Frankly I am not sure it is not just one long Captcha. Figuring out the numbers requires an inordinate amount of squinting and guessing.

This just makes me wonder: what are you saying about your business with your faxes?

I know what this ink blot test of a fax tells me. It says:

I don’t care about my client.

I don’t care about the recipient.

I don’t care how my business looks to anyone in the outside of my office.

Regular readers know that every contact with another person or business is a chance to make an impression and to market your office. Do you want to squander that opportunity with poor quality fax? Is the money saved by using the low quality setting so substantial compared to faxing using high quality? Of course not.

Quick Tip: make everyone happier by faxing using the “high quality” setting.

Here’s an even better tip, send the scanned file as an attachment to email and give your recipient the highest quality version. Of course, make sure to scrub the meta-data before sending. Fortunately, Adobe Acrobat makes that very simple. Read the rest of this entry »

If Law Schools Lie, Students Aren’t Listening

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Class of 2007, USAF Academy Graduation Hat Hurray Toss, Thunderbird Fly Over
David Segal’s New York Times Article, Is Law School a Losing Game has touched a cord with many practicing lawyers and law students. Very broadly, David Segal, and the posts written in response, discuss the post-purchase regret law students feel after spending upwards of $120,000 for three years of law school. Without a guarantee of a job, let alone a good paying one, many graduates feel taken for a ride by their law school’s marketing offices.

Of course, students might as well blame David E Kelly and his portrayal of lawyers on tv. Certainly this is a glib retort. However, I doubt that more than 5% of law school applicants decided to pursue a legal degree based solely on the earnings potential. I have no doubt that the common perception of the well-off lawyer played a part. I just don’t believe it was the deciding factor in choosing to go to law school. Read the rest of this entry »

Evernote Tip: Export To Stay Under Folder Limit

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Evernote is an amazing tool for lawyers. With folders, tags and the ability to search within documents, it makes it amazingly easy to find any document in any case either at your desktop, from your phone, or on a tablet.

UPDATE: since I drafted this post, Evernote increased the maximum folder limit to 250 folders. Thanks to Brooks Duncan and DocumentSnap for the heads up!

The biggest problem with Evernote is the 250 folder limit. Unless you are just starting out as a lawyer, your law firm probably has more than 250 files. There are several ways to deal with this limitation including  using TAGS as case names. However this really turns the program on its head and means you cannot use several of the nice features of notebooks in Evernote such as sharing.

Since you can select whether a notebook is synchronized or not, you  would think you could simply turn off synchronization. Unfortunately, you can’t do that! Evernote lets you select whether a folder is online (synchronized) or offline only when you create the folder. Read the rest of this entry »

2011 Tech Resolution: Go Paperless!

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If you have not done this already, what are you waiting for?

  • Don’t you want to be able to pull up all your records in just a couple of clicks?
  • Don’t you want to stop the growth of your file room.
  • Wouldn’t you like to use the post office less and email more?
  • Wouldn’t you like to get rid of your expensive copier?

Going paperless is not hard. It starts with a good scanner. The desktop work-horse many attorneys rely on is the Fujitsu Scansnap.

The S1500 model (S1500M for Macs) even comes with Adobe Acrobat Standard 9 on the PC (and Adobe Acrobat Pro 8 on the Mac). Even though the prior version, the S150, can be had for about a hundred dollars less, I recommend the S1500 because of the speed improvement and ultrasonic page detection. This marvelous feature stops the scanning if two (or more) pages are pulled in simultaneously. Don’t you wish your copier did that?

Here is a quick run down of the features: Read the rest of this entry »