Chasing the Like Button

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facebook like button
I have spent a completely inordinate amount of  setting up Facebook comments, both on this site, and my disability site. It was quite a bit of work finding a plug-in that actually worked. Or, more to the point, figuring out which plugins did not work, and would not work, no matter the amount of tweaking I put into them.

I previously used Disqus and have been very happy with it. It is a feature rich, stable, and regularly improving comment engine. However, the siren song of comments ringing out and reverberating through Facebook (600 million active users strong) is too enticing to pass up.

If you are interested in the final how-to including the plugin I used and the instructions, check out this article on HowToMakeMyBlog.

One of the downsides of adding Facebook comments, is that the current implementation does not replace WordPress comments the way IntenseDebate or Disqus does. That means you are adding a second, separate, commenting system into your WordPress site. So each post may end up with two commenting systems, one above the other.

Even if you go into the Discussions tab in WordPress and turn off “Allow people to post comments on new articles,” this only works for future posts. Because the option to turn off comments is overridden by settings on each post’s settings, it does not turn off comments on past posts. And I am not so much a glutton for punishment that I want to go through each and every post on even this small site and tick a check box to remove comments.

You might think that selecting the option to “Automotically close comments on articles older than [x] days” would do the trick. Alas, no.

So, for the moment, I have two commenting engines working on my sites, confusing my readers… This may end up being a very short experiment.

But, hey, be sure to like this post and make a comment!

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