I don’t have time to blog and I don’t know what to blog about

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I was at the Social Media for Lawyers CLE in Denver the other day when the question came up.

Between work family and everything else, how do you find time?

This question reminds me about the old joke which asks, “Are you ignorant or apathetic?”  “I don’t know and I don’t care.” I am not saying that lawyers who says they can’t find time to blog and don’t know what to write about are either ignorant or apathetic. However, not creating content is a choice you make.

While no one said it, the answer is simple: you have time to blog.

If you have time to watch Celebrity Apprentice or re-watch “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” on Netflix (damn, that was a good show), then you have time to blog. Just be willing to devote some of it to sitting down and banging out a couple hundred words on your keyboard. Dont have time to write daily? Write a couple times a week. Write  weekly. Write monthly. You can’t find an hour once a month? Come on!

The other bugbear of lawyers who really would like to want to blog, or at least have a blog, or realistically already have a blog with several hundred post, so long as they don’t actually to write it is:

I don’t know what to write about.

The unspoken part of this is that it is painful to sit there and look at a blank screen; to write a few words and be stuck, to have no idea that to say. Seth Godin calls this the “resistance.”  Although, that makes me think of Jean Valjean fighting an army of purple cows. “The War of Art” calls it… also the “resistance” — which begs the question of who stole from whom?

The concept of resistance being it is the fear of failure that keeps you from trying. If you have young children, you’ve heard this rationalization, “but I can’t fold all these clothes, I’ll be up all night!” And you shout back, “you could have been done by now if you had just started when I asked you to!”

Well, are you telling me that your inner 6 year old rules your existence? You got through your first year of law school for god’s sake! You can handle fear!

If you seriously are sitting there and cannot think of a single thing to write about, go watch my “Blogging for Lawyers” prezi. At the end, I list a baker’s dozen of starting articles that work for any law practice. By mixing and matching parts of those you can spin off dozens more posts.

The thing about writing, is that it makes you write more. You may have nothing in minds when you start. But, like taking a match to kindling, a fire slowly starts. You will have ideas for two or more posts before you are done. And the best way to get ideas is to simply write. The ideas will come!

Now you don’t have any more excuses! Go out there and write!

I don’t have a blog!

Look, if you are finally motivated to write. DON’T WASTE THE INSPIRATION BY SETTING UP YOUR BLOG NOW.

I have other articles you can look at LATER. You have a word processor, text editor, or napkin in front of you don’t you? Well get to it. Even if you draw blood with a novelty cocktail sword (but, eat the pineapple first)! You can always move the text into your blog later. For now, WRITE!

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