Otter Pope

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Otterpop non pope

With a no-show in my schedule, I decided to learn a bit more about Acorn. I’m using version 2.3.1 purchased from a prior MacHeist. Acorn is currently up to version 3.

My kids want to sell OtterPops over the summer to make some extra money, and I was commenting about this on Facebook when I mistakenly wrote “Otter Pope.” And I thought to myself.

Man, someone has got to make an Otter Pope!

So, with an hour, google image search, Hat Booth, more google image search and Acorn, I got to … not-the-otter-pope.

But, it was fun and I learned more about Acorn, removing the alpha channel and working with layers with all the √©lan that going to law school prepares one to do image editing. Next time, I’ll probably head over to quickmeme.

Acorn is available directly from Flying Meat and also on the App Store.