Everything is a Remix Part 3

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Another awesome two parter from Kirby Ferguson of Everything is a Remix (keep watching after the credits – it’s not done yet).

This is part of the “why you need to create” series and deconstructs the myth of the single innovator. Yes, there are people who make the leap; those who take what has come before and make create something that is completely obvious (in retrospect, that is). However, there is also everyone who nudges the state of the art forward just a breath. And last, there are those who sms vote on singing and dancing competitions.

Everything is a Remix Part 3 from Kirby Ferguson on Vimeo.

Via Geeks are Sexy.

Final Cut X is an AWESOME iMovie Pro

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thumbs up

Quick note: I’m giving Final Cut X a try. I downloaded it and edited some videos from last year’s Cherry Creek Arts Festival. These were some of the earliest things I shot. There are a lot of mistakes here. However, it was a lot of fun.

I have  a copy of Final Cut Express that I frankly never use. It’s still too complicated and you still have to build things from scratch. So, I’m loving the ease of use and built in titles and transitions in Final Cut X.

The very best feature is the automatic syncing of separate audio and video clips: Just select two clips in the library and then click Clip –> Synchronize Clips. This gives you a new clip to drag into your timeline.

You can then select Clip –> Break Apart Clip Items to separately see the audio and video so you can duck the audio from the camera mic. Sweet!

Yes, I get why professional editors are upset with Final Cut X. However, for amateurs like myself who really want an iMovie Pro, it’s amazing! Or, put another way: people who have no business making videos and whose videos are bad even by YouTube standard, think Final Cut X is a home run!

Final Cut X – Lamers Love It!

What more could Apple ask for?  Read the rest of this entry »

COFFEE! I was right dagnabit!

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Following up on my writing Under the Influence post, I see that coffee is AWESOME.

Suck it earl gray!

Via Geeks are Sexy via Neatorama.

Faster Markdown with TextExpander

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If I convinced you to try Markdown, here are some Text Expander snippets to make using Markdown faster!

Note: The snippet abbreviation is in quotes (remove if pasting into TE), followed by the snippet.

These two are brazenly borrowed from Practically Efficient:

abbreviation: uurl    snippet: [%clipboard](%|)

Use this when you have the url in clipboard: inserts link syntax, pastes the url in the right spot, and puts your curser into the anchor text brackets.

abbreviation: llink    snippet: [%|](%clipboard)

Use this when you have the anchor text but not the url: inserts link syntax, pastes anchor text, and puts your curser into the url parens. Read the rest of this entry »

Writing Under the Influence

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Coffee is my drug of choice.

Coffee beans @ Pulau Ubin

Yeah, sorry to disappoint you. Worse still, revealing such a mundane stimulant so early in the post will probably turn off a lot of Google searches unless I put in something like, “Walnut shells, roasted, soaked in tequila can produce a remarkably open state of mind and facilitate…” However, then there is the liability issue and I really don’t care to be a test case with hundreds of pages which ultimately can be summarized as:

If you screw with stoners, we’re going to nail your ass to a wall.

– Love, the Supreme Court Board of Law Examiners.

Coffee. Yes, coffee. The dark mistress. For me ,at least, it often produces a mild euphoria and slightly trance like state. No, no double-rainbows. I still know what is going on, but some filters are lowered and I am better able to channel creativity.

It does not last though. So, while I’m on the right side of “happy coffee” mountain, I need to write. Because I know that soon, I will becoming down the jagged side of the post caffeinated crash. See! Coffee is like other drugs. But, please don’t criminalize it.

I have already written on the book today, and I can feel muse leaving me now. So, I will try to write a bit more, then take the kids home and make dinner and then edit. Editing I can do straight.

Creative Commons License photo credit: jensen_chua

Economics of Trash

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Listening to the Freakonimics Podcast on the Economics of Trash:


  • Are we running out of room for trash?
  • Do “Pay As You Throw” systems reduce the amount of trash?
  • How do people fight the “unfair tax” of “Pay As You Throw”?
  • Can different trash systems help you get a date?

Give it a listen!

Creative Commons License photo credit: Tim Morgan

Markdown for Lawyers

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You may have heard lawyers talking about Markdown and how it is making blogging easier. So what is Markdown?

Markdown is a text-to-HTML conversion tool for web writers. Markdown allows you to write using an easy-to-read, easy-to-write plain text format, then convert it to structurally valid XHTML (or HTML).

Say what? In short, Markdown lets you write and format text for the web at the same time, while still using plaintext files. Here are the main benefits of Markdown.

Markdown is Portable and Makes the Round-Trip

I want to write where ever and whenever an idea hits.

  • At the office.
  • At home.
  • Out with my iPad.
  • Or in bed with my iPhone on the nightstand.

I want to be able to add or change drafted articles and start working on new posts.

Beyond this, I don’t want to have to think about moving drafts between systems, I just want them to BE THERE. And that’s where Markdown earns its keep. Since text formatted with Markdown text is just simple plain text you can edit it on a portable device and have it synced to your desktop and other devices. And the formatting is preserved because it is just plaintext. Read the rest of this entry »

Dropbox left open for 4 hours

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A wrinkle has appeared in the perennial question, “Is Dropbox Secure?” Dropbox (one of my favorite services) was effectively unlocked for 4 hours on Monday June 20, 2011!

Writing in PC World, Sara Yin notes:

A code update left Dropbox, the popular cloud storage service, password-free for about four hours on Monday afternoon.

During this time, anyone could access any of Dropbox’s 25 million user accounts by typing in any password. The lapse occurred between 1:54 p.m. to 5:46 p.m. PT.

Ok. Altogether, “FUUUUU…!”  Read the rest of this entry »

Increasing Kidney Donation

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Good luck grannyThe You Say Repugnant, I Say … Let’s Do It! episode of the Freakonomics podcast has a fascinating discussion of how Israel increased the number of registered organ donors through a “Give Life, Get Life” program.

If you sign up to be an organ donor, you get priority to become an organ recipient if you need a transplant. However, “the preference only comes into effect when two or more transplant candidates have the same medical priority.”

How’s that for using rational self-interest to increase public good?

How about a presumptive consent laws? Would it make medical providers less likely to save patients injured in accidents?

Creative Commons License photo credit: the Italian voice

How Lawyers Use Twitter Podcast

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Gwynne Monahan and Huma Rashid, two of the most prolific and interesting legal tweeters on the net, join me to discuss how solo lawyers, small law firms and attorneys at all experience levels can use Twitter, including personal versus professional balance, mistakes made along the way, using hashtags, whether to worry about followers, how these Twitter superstars choose who to follow, and best practices for covering live events.