100 Tips – Day 1

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Today, June 1, 2011 is the first day of writing. I have labeled 79 tips, which means I am short by about 20. However, I expect tips to emerge naturally from writing, while other tips will merge together. I also plan on having other practitioners contribute some tips, so not having the full 100 on day 1 does not bother me.

I started writing the first tip. However it turned into an overview of the sections of the book. So, now I am going back to get that first tip written. I am trying to avoid the dull basics of “Who is eligible for Social Security” or “A historical background of Social Security.” I believe many readers are already in the system and getting nervous about an upcoming hearing. So, I do not want to bore them for three sections. I want to get straight to the “Stuff you need to know” chewy goodness.

This make me think that the overview discussing the sections of the book, which correspond to what happens at a hearing, what you should do before the hearing, and so on, is actually a pretty good first tip as well as a solid basic introduction to what to expect at the hearing as well as a roadmap on finding specific information in the rest of the book.

As far as dealing with the Resistance to writing, yeah, I’m feeling it. While I have been blogging this subject for several years now, a book feels different. I have drafted two other articles for this site, and wrangled tweeters I have been wanting to talk into a roundtable podcast on social media. Sure, that’s great! However, it is not the big project I am trying to accomplish.

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  • http://www.Planet10Tech.com TomaszStasiuk

    Ummm…. Yeah, this project has spun into something much…. longer…. and… time consuminglier that originally imagined. 

    “Tips” has morphed into a more general book (which I am still working on). And along the way, there are side projects that I am working on which are fleshing out part of the book. But are, as well consuming their own bits of time and energy. 

    So…. in short, I greatly underestimated the amount of effort and and coffee in the universe necessary, but things are moving forward, or at least laterally.