Faster Markdown with TextExpander

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If I convinced you to try Markdown, here are some Text Expander snippets to make using Markdown faster!

Note: The snippet abbreviation is in quotes (remove if pasting into TE), followed by the snippet.

These two are brazenly borrowed from Practically Efficient:

abbreviation: uurl    snippet: [%clipboard](%|)

Use this when you have the url in clipboard: inserts link syntax, pastes the url in the right spot, and puts your curser into the anchor text brackets.

abbreviation: llink    snippet: [%|](%clipboard)

Use this when you have the anchor text but not the url: inserts link syntax, pastes anchor text, and puts your curser into the url parens.

Faster Markdown Bold

abbreviation: ___    snippet: __%|__
abbreviation: ***    snippet: **%|**

Two different ways of getting depending on your preference, three asterisks or three dashes insert the Markdown syntax for bold and puts the cursor smack the middle, ready for writing.

Faster Markdown Italics

abbreviation: _+    snippet:  _%|_
abbreviation: *(     snippet:  *%|*

I choose this key combination because “_+” and “*(” are each character combinations which are next to each other on the keyboard. Again the cursor is placed right in the middle of the Markdown syntax letting you keep writing.

Brett Terpstra, NValt developer and writer for TUAW, also has a great list of TextExpander snippets for Markdown and other uses. Let me know what you thing and you favorite Markdown/TextExpander snippets!

Creative Commons License photo credit: Viernest