Final Cut X is an AWESOME iMovie Pro

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Quick note: I’m giving Final Cut X a try. I downloaded it and edited some videos from last year’s Cherry Creek Arts Festival. These were some of the earliest things I shot. There are a lot of mistakes here. However, it was a lot of fun.

I have  a copy of Final Cut Express that I frankly never use. It’s still too complicated and you still have to build things from scratch. So, I’m loving the ease of use and built in titles and transitions in Final Cut X.

The very best feature is the automatic syncing of separate audio and video clips: Just select two clips in the library and then click Clip –> Synchronize Clips. This gives you a new clip to drag into your timeline.

You can then select Clip –> Break Apart Clip Items to separately see the audio and video so you can duck the audio from the camera mic. Sweet!

Yes, I get why professional editors are upset with Final Cut X. However, for amateurs like myself who really want an iMovie Pro, it’s amazing! Or, put another way: people who have no business making videos and whose videos are bad even by YouTube standard, think Final Cut X is a home run!

Final Cut X – Lamers Love It!

What more could Apple ask for? Check out my horrible work below:

1) Mic was off in this one, so I am relying on the camera mic.

2) Mic was on here, but trying to control a monopod, mic and talking is actually pretty hard. So, please excuse the camera drift. Look at that cool glass, though!

3) Dang! I pretty much cut the artist out of the frame here. Opps!

4) And one last one for gluttons of fun art and bad videography. Woo-hoo! Failing faster, so you don’t have to.

Creative Commons License photo credit: joeltelling