No Collaboration Allowed

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Desert Leader

I’m reading Salon’s article on How Finland Became a Education Leader:

The second point is that [Finns] defined professionalism as working more collaboratively. They give their teachers time in the school day and in the school week to work with each other, to continuously improve their curriculum and their lessons. We have a 19th century level of professionalism here, or worse, it’s medieval. A teacher works alone all day, everyday, and isolation is the enemy of improvement and innovation, which is something the Finns figured out a long time ago. Get the teachers out of their isolated circumstances and give them time to work together.

Now just replace “teacher” and “school” with “lawyer” and “firm”. Yeah, this is what I go on about with lawyers, whether they are solos or in a law firm. There’s very little collaboration or mentoring. Just a bunch of individuals trying to reinvent the wheel. And it just doesn’t work well. It doesn’t work well for starting lawyers trying to learn the ropes. And it doesn’t work well for lawyers trying to figure out how to keep their business running well.

Creative Commons License photo credit: Hamed Saber