How to encrypt hard drive with Mac Lion OSX 10.7

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Over 800,000 laptops are lost or stolen each year. Now that OSX 10.7.x has whole disk encryption built into the operating system, you can encrypt your entire hard drive. If your laptop is lost or stolen, you will have piece of mind that all the data on the drive is encrypted.

1. Open “System Preferences”.

2. Click the “Security and Privacy” icon.

3. Select the “FileVault” tab.

4. Select the padlock icon in the lower left corner to permit changes. You will be asked for an admin user id and password.

5. Click “Turn on FileVault”.

6. Select which users are able to unlock the drive. You will need to input that user’s password.

7. After you enter each password, a check mark will appear next to each user. When you have authorized the users, click “Continue”.

8. Before you encrypt the drive, you are given a 24 character recovery key which lets you decrypt your drive if you forget your password. Save it and keep it safe.

9. You are then asked if you also want to store the recovery key with Apple.

10. If you say yes, select three questions which you will have to answer to recover the key.

11. Click the “Restart” to reboot and begin encryption.

12. After rebooting, log in to your account again and the system will begin encrypting the hard drive.

When the encryption is completed, you’re done! The operating system handles encryption and decryption in the background. And you have piece of mind that if your computer is one of the 800,000 laptops lost or stolen each year, your sensitive client files are encrypted.