Expand text on iPhone using Shortcuts

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| apple-command | iOS 5 comes with text expansion. You can type “omy” and your iPhone and iPad will type out “On my way.”

Sure, you could use the widely available Text Expander app. However, one benefit of iOS “Shortcuts” – what Apple calls its expansion system is that it is system wide. This lets you use snippets, er shortcuts anywhere on your iOS 5 device.

Turn on Shortcuts in Settings > General > Keyboards. Click the “Add New Shortcut” button to add a snippet.


Type in the full phrase you want your iOS device to type, and the shortcut (the abbreviation).

When you want to use the shortcut, type in the abbreviation and a space, and the full text is pasted in.

Make short work of emails:

You can create shortcuts for email signatures or for whatever text you find yourself repeatedly typing.

Have fun!

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