How to turn on Emoji in iOS5 for iPhones

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Emoji, those Japanese pictograms, are built in with iOS 5. So, you no longer have to buy a separate app. However, they are not turned on by default and they are pretty well hidden in the iPhone or iPad settings.

Here is how to turn on Emojis on your iPhone:

1. In Settings, click the “General” button

2. Then, “Keyboard”

3. Click “International Keyboards”

4. Click “Add New Keyboard”

¬†5. Scroll down and select the “Emoji” keyboard

6. You now have a world or globe button (for International Keyboards). Click it to switch to the Emoji keyboard.

7. There is a row of category buttons along the bottom and pages of emojis for each category. Click the buttons in the bottom row to select a category and swipe left and right to view more pages of emoji. One nice touch is that the “clock” button shows your most recently used emojis, so you can quickly access your favorites.

Now, go have fun adding little images to your texts and emails.

Note: I hear that the emoji will only show up on other iOS devices, but that’s like, *everyone* anyway, so no problem.