It’s good we didn’t get a bigger screen. It’s real good!

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And so the pendulum swings back.

Dustin Curtis’ article discussing how a bigger iPhone 4S screen a would have been a bad thing is getting passed around the net.

This isn’t an attack on Dustin. And I don’t think Dustin is wrong. I just don’t recall anyone complaining about an bigger screen when the iPhone 5″ speculation / mockups / case designs / leaked front panel suggested a four inch or larger screen for months and months. Nor do I recall Apple fans rejoicing over smaller seven inch tablets saying “FINALLY my thumbs can get a break!”

However, now that the iPhone 4S has been announced with the same screen as the iPhone 4, it’s a good thing Apple wished the bigger iPhone into the cornfield, a real good thing! /eye-roll


photo by: Paolo Camera