Fixing “Windows created a temporary paging file” error message

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I am a Mac user primarily. However, I still need to use programs like Quickbooks to run my law office. This brings virtualization into the picture. Personally, I use VMWare Fusion. Note: I am not knocking Parallels; I simply moved to Fusion a few years ago to take advantage of the multi-core functionality in Fusion. Time has passed and both programs are quite good.

Since I virtualize, I want to run Windows in a lean environment. So, I set up a small 20 gb maximum for Windows to run in.

Recently, I started getting an error message every time I started Windows  7:

Windows created a temporary paging file…

Whenever I got this message, Quickbooks would have trouble running and particularly backing up to a shared drive on the Mac side of my computer. I did not find a solution despite reading various articles.

What was the problem? I simply ran out of room. Derr! Even though I save most everything on the Mac side, updates and other files had slowly eaten up the small virtual drive Windows was running on. So, wham-bam, no room to work and paging file errors.

Fortunately, this is easily remedied. Just run Disk Cleanup (click the Start menu and start typing “cleanup”). Check all the boxes for maximum cleanage. You will get some room back which should get you back up and running without the error message.
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