Inside Washington’s Money Machine

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Sure, we all know that members of Congress need to raise between $5,000 and $14,000 each and every week for their reelection bid.

The Planet Money podcast has an interesting episode on how this fundraising gets done and the impact on who gets heard.

…we talk to Jimmy Williams, a former lobbyist now working on campaign finance reform. He describes what it’s like to meet with a Congressman when you’re a lobbyist and your PAC hasn’t been donating to the Congressman.

Money, access, and secrecy. Check it out at “Inside Washington’s Money Machine.”

How to create links to Apple iTunes, App Store and Mac App Store

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Writing about various apps means I often have to create links to the product. However, finding links to Apple App Store or iTunes pages is difficult. I would think there would be a button right on the product page or an option to share the product on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ or other social networks. But, no. It’s not there.

Fortunately, there is the iTunes Link Maker. While it is not the easiest solution, it provides a way of creating a link music, movies, books, and apps in iTunes, the iOS App Store (iPhone and iPad) and the Mac App Store (desktop).


Solo lawyer gets all clients from blogging

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I spoke with Christian Frank Fas at MILOfest (Macs in Law Offices conference) about how legal blogging has been the best method for attracting prospecting clients to his law office.

Check out Christian’s facebook and blog!

Theft, Graft, and Hit Albums

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Two great episodes from NPR’s Planet Money podcast take a behind the scenes look at how two industries work:

First up:  Inside the Mind of Master Criminal how popular electronics store Crazy Eddie skimmed sales tax, hid profits, and then leveraged those hidden earnings on a massive payoff when the company went public. If you ever wonder how those little mom and pop store manage to keep their doors open, well, this show will make you even more suspicious.

Next: Manufacturing the Song of Summer takes you to music camps – not I am not talking about where you kids go in the summer. I am referring to 25,000 a day jam sessions where top song writers and producers work to create the song you will change the station to get away from. And the $25,000 is just the first drop in the bucket. See how hit songs are manufactured, promoted and see the costs associated.

Creative Commons License photo credit: cmpalmer

Erasure – Always

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One of my favorite songs.

House of Love – Christine

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This came on the iPod while I was shredding old records. Good stuff! Dang, 1988: junior year of high school(!)

Making Dropbox secure for lawyers and law offices

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Lawyers are particularly concerned about using cloud based service to store information. Here are some of the issues attorneys face:

  • I am handing over sensitive client matters to a third-party! Note: this is despite the fact that lawyers already do this when they store client files in a rented office.
  • Where are the files stored? Are any files stored outside of the United States?
  • What are the security procedures at the cloud service provider?
  • Who can see my data?
  • Will the data be handed over to law enforcement and under what conditions (subpoena)?
  • Will I be notified if data is handed over?

The flaw (some say the fatal flaw) with using a cloud service like Dropbox is the service ultimately has access to your files and could theoretically view or reveal your data.

There have been a number of workarounds including putting your files into an encrypted container. I discussed the trade-off with this in “Is Cloud Storage Secure Enough for Lawyers.” The problem is that you lose the benefit of constant synchronization: instead of files constantly being backed up and synced, you have to sync a single LARGE file when all you want to do is shut down your system and go home.


The goal has been per file encryption and services like Spider Oak have stepped up to the plate to offer this. However, moving away from Dropbox, means moving away from a known service which is currently the market leader with cross-platform application on desktop (Windows, Apple/Mac, and Linux) and mobile devices (iPhone, iPad, Android, Blackberry) plus many applications support Dropbox right out of the box!

Dropbox mobile

Dropbox just logo

Plus, Dropbox just works! Sync is hard. Just ask anyone who has tried to keep contacts synchronized between various computers and online services: you get old information, conflicts, and duplicates. With Dropbox files sync accurately and quickly — even “files” like Circus Ponies Notebook which are actually folders work!

Now, I’m not saying other service do not work just as well. It is just that any contender needs to be considerably better to make me move.

The ONE thing Dropbox lacks is — per-file encryption. That is, until SecretSync. Read the rest of this entry »

And if you want to hear some pornography

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This is not what you expect to hear in the middle of an economics podcast. However, Episode 308 of Planet Money: Keynes vs. Hayek, has an interesting look at John Maynard Keynes going beyond the strong economic role he advocated for the public sector. It’s fun to hear how Keynes was something of an Oscar Wilde figure.

Oh, and you also get to hear about the Keynes versus Hayek economic policy differences. ;)

Creative Commons License photo credit: Pink Sherbet Photography

Hello MILOfest!

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Going to MILOfest (Macs in Law Offices) annual conference is an odd experience. It’s a bit like Lex Luthor going to Lexor. Um, there are no statues, mind you. However, I do have people coming up to me and saying:

Hey, you write planet 10 tech!


You write that disability blog!

It’s nice (if a bit disconcerting). So, thank you for reading and for saying ‘hi.’ Its really awesome. I’ll do my best to not blow up this haven while fighting Superman.

Why 3d Printing will change the world

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When Michael Bay releases his re-make of “The Graduate” with a virtual Ms. Robinson, the line, “One word: Plastics!” will be updated to “3d printing.”

Being able to make variable density structural supports takes 3d printing beyond nifty and into this-is-the-way-the-future-is-going-to-work!

Keating uses the example of a palm tree compared to a typical structural column. In a concrete column, the properties of the material are constant, resulting in a very heavy structure. But a palm tree’s trunk varies: denser at the outside and lighter toward the center. As part of his thesis research, he has already made sections of concrete with the same kind of variations of density.

Check out the video:

Printing off the paper – MIT News Office via Boing Boing.

Creative Commons License photo credit: Mike Willis