The geek is strong with this one!

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Star wars car window decal

I saw this at my kid’s school parking lot. That’s one supportive wife that guy’s got!

The Lean Startup

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Just as in my firm, many solo and small firm attorneys are blazing their own path; trying to find their way to building a profitable business. However, most of us, never went to business school. So, we are just finding our way in the dark.

We have a lot of advantages: we are small, lean, and can turn on a dime. This gives us agility.

  • We can drop things that are not working.
  • We can quickly respond to changes.
  • We to make continuous improvements without the approval of a board of directors.

However, it still helps to have a model in place. Personally, I think a great place to look is tech industry startups. They are also not shackled with low barriers to entry and low costs. I also think their notions of rapid iterations apply in a law firm setting.

Here is a great discussion on the TWiT network with Eric Ries, author of the Lean Startup, discussing what works for startups. Give it a watch.


You can also download a podcast version here.

What do you think? What’s the best startup advice you have to lawyers going out on their own?


iPhoto won’t play older iPhone movies

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IPhoto videos wont play

I spent the better part of a Saturday trying to figure out why iPhoto 11 won’t play old videos. I know I recorded them on an iPhone. Yet, whenever I try to play a video, I get a the gray exclamation point triangle sign.

I pulled up the information inspector (Cmd-I), and I see that these older videos are in RAW format (compared to H.264 for more recent videos).

Installing Quicktime Player 7 — Strike 1!

After scrounging around on some forums, I see that the problem may be that Apple didn’t ship with the necessary codecs to play videos recorded, oh… IN THE LAST YEAR!

Apple: It Just Works — Until It Doesn’t… Because We Took a Part Out

Anyhow, download Quicktime Player 7 for the current version of OSX (currently Lion).

Quicktime player 7

Install it, and then relaunch iPhoto. I also hear using VLC also works for playing back these “old” videos.

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$299 iPad on the way?

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Apple Store

With the iPad 3 expected  to arrive in 2012 (fingers crossed), Apple will have three iPads in the market. So, the question becomes, what will Apple do with the original iPad 1?

Apple could, of course, simply drop the iPad 1. As a single core machine, it will be lag even further behind the iPad 2 and the iPad 3. However, Apple has historically liked to have three price points in the marketplace: a high, middle, and low.

I would not be surprised to see Apple offer the iPad 1 in 2012 for $299. Of course, Apple might simply come out with a low-end iPad 2 at the same similar price point.

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Kill the puppies!!!

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Popped edit

I recently came across this post titled “The best editing advice anyone accidentally gave me.” It is pretty darned good advice whether you are writing a book, a blog post, or anything else:

Sometimes a story has pieces to it that are interesting or well-written or the result of hours of thought and work, but simply — if an editor is being completely honest — don’t belong in that story. Like puppies, those pieces are good things, and you’d never want to part with them, but if they are unnecessary, they have to go. Chop the piece, kill the puppy.

This is spot on! Certainly, I know that my writing could use more editing. However, I am usually so pleased with myself that I have any ideas at all, that I do not want to start cutting out ideas — let alone good ones — just because they did not fit with the piece I am writing.

Via House of Figs

Creative Commons License photo credit: carterse

Cali Lewis marshmallow recipe. YUMMY!

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Cali lewis marshmallow recipe

How do you make home-made marshmallows? The Cali Lewis way, of course!

Ever since Cali showed her recipe for marshmallows on the late lamented (I know, I know. It’s now), making marshmallows “the Cali way” has been a holiday tradition at my house. There’s a legacy for you: hundreds of episodes, and what sticks? Marshmallows!

Sadly, Cali Lewis’ recipe for marshmallows did not make the transfer to her new home at This means that while the original video is still floating around the interwebs (like the links below), the written recipe has disappeared into the ether. So, let’s rectify that right now! Note: I’m not trying to steal content from Cali. The written recipe has dropped off the radar, so I am just trying to make it available again. I hope Cali approves.

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Legal job search mistake: hiding behind your resume

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I was recently asked to review a new lawyer’s resume. I wrote back to the new attorney and offered to set up a meeting at my office to go over the resume and the lawyer’s cover letter. The timing of the meeting did not work out. However, instead of trying to reschedule, here is the response I got back:

Thank you for agreeing to review my resume. I am working full time for another week at a seasonal position, and then will be out of town for several weeks. Also I see that your office is on Colorado Springs, and I am in Denver. Despite these scheduling problems, I would still like to have your feedback on my resume. Is there a way we could review it electronically? For example, you could use the Word “track changes” feature to show your edits. Old fashioned paper and pen would be fine as well. Please let me know your thoughts.

I get the importance of making your current employment a priority. It shows loyalty which is a trait all employers want. And sure, I don’t expect you to change your travel plans. But, “send me your revisions”? I am not reviewing your resume to see if your spelling is correct or if you are using active verbs. Your law school career services office can do that.

I want to do a meeting to see if the resume, and even more importantly, your cover letter, conveys your strengths and individuality. Does it capture who you are and why you should be at the top of your prospective employers pile of applicants? Your resume is not is applying for a job, you are.

I consider trying to suss out what makes a person valuable and original to an employer, something worth showing up for. As someone out of law school for more than a decade, and who looks at resumes from an employer’s perspective, I can provide insight.

Also, I prefer to do an in person meeting because we can communicate faster and, hell, we can do revisions during the meeting. I like techie stuff as much as the next uber-geeky lawyer. However, I do not feel we can get as much done, or done as well, by swapping revisions.

Plus, you’re looking for a job and you don’t want to make another connection in the legal community? Really? Even you if you are only looking for work in the city you live in, you never know where a job lead, or introduction, will come from.

So, the next time you want help with your job search and someone wants to meet with you, JUMP AT THE CHANCE!

What do you think? Agree? Disagree?

Creative Commons License photo credit: nasrulekram

Singing Christmas Hedgehogs

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Here’s a funny video to put you in the mood for Christmas. That is, if Christmas is all about competition and unrealized desires. Which, after all, is the true meaning of Christmas. Right? Read the rest of this entry »

YoungBlood – Naked and Famous (cover)

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Photo by WonderlaneThis is a year old? Hey, I still discover music from 10 years ago! You all are just lucky, I haven’t put up any Foster the People … yet.. :)

Here’s a good slower cover by Birdy:
Young Blood (The Naked & Famous Cover) — Birdy by hesallears

Creative Commons License photo credit: Wonderlane

Andrew Solomon: A Time of Hope

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The clarinet 1

This is a fabulous story from Andrew Solomon about his trip to find musicians in Afghanistan after the fall of the Taliban. I haven’t heard anything this beautiful in quite a long time. It’s like a real life “Yellow Submarine.”

Give it a listen (mp3 link).

Note: I’m having trouble with the link, and The Moth page doesn’t show this podcast at all (!) as of this writing. Here is a link to the feeds where the podcast shows up. Look for “Andrew Solomon A Time of Hope.”

UPDATE 01/25/12: The MP3 link above seems to be working. However, it’s been pointed out to me that after a while, older episodes of The Moth podcast drop off the feed. Here are some other sources for this episode:

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