Andrew Solomon: A Time of Hope

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The clarinet 1

This is a fabulous story from Andrew Solomon about his trip to find musicians in Afghanistan after the fall of the Taliban. I haven’t heard anything this beautiful in quite a long time. It’s like a real life “Yellow Submarine.”

Give it a listen (mp3 link).

Note: I’m having trouble with the link, and The Moth page doesn’t show this podcast at all (!) as of this writing. Here is a link to the feeds where the podcast shows up. Look for “Andrew Solomon A Time of Hope.”

UPDATE 01/25/12: The MP3 link above seems to be working. However, it’s been pointed out to me that after a while, older episodes of The Moth podcast drop off the feed. Here are some other sources for this episode:

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  • Nospam

    The Moth doesn’t archive their shows, so this one just slipped off the end.  It was an excellent story.

    • TomaszStasiuk

      Thanks for the heads up. I’ve added links to other sites hosting the episode. 

  • Pheodosij

    I think you should watch a movie with a machine gun preacher 

  • mysteryman

    Beautiful art…just like you!