Gonzo iMovie editing tips

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I was doing interviews at MILOfest (Macs in Law Offices) conference. I had FinalCut X installed on my late 2010 Macbook Air and, over the course of the afternoon sessions, I got to watch the progress meter slowly churn on an 8 minute clip and still not finish. Previewing and editing lower thirds was positively painful. Everything might have been ok if I had not tried to re-render the clip (even using the proxy media setting).

I know, I know, I’m trying to use a heavy-duty app on an underpowered machine. So, despite the much greater editing, titles, audio, controls, I found myself going back to my iPhone for some rapid-fire, gonzo, video editing.

Here are tips for splitting clips, tricks with titles, and making video editing on the iPhone with iMovie doable.

Pinch and Zoom the timeline

Touch interfaces have a lot of gee whizz! However, fine editing on a small screen isn’t ideal; especially when you are dealing with small clips. Well, don’t sweat it! If you need finer control, use the two finger expand gesture to expand the clip.

IMovie iOS p z 3

Now, it is easier to find the right spot for edits, sound cues, etc. Read the rest of this entry »

Nice update description ShiftJelly

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ShiftJelly, the makers of my favorite podcatcher for iOS devices, Pocket Casts, recently updated their software… And had a bit of fun with the description of the changes. Nice!

Best tech gift for under $100

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IMG 0682

With Christmas around the corner, we are all looking for presents for our techie friends and family. While I enjoyed playing with the Kindle Fire from Amazon, the best techie gift for this year is the $79 Amazon e-ink Kindle. This new entry into the Amazon Kindle family is a winner!

At $79, Amazon Kindle is cheap enough to purchase for anyone.

The Amazon Kindle is finally priced right to explore the world of E ink for those of us who have been holding back on this new world of reading.

While I always thought the Amazon Kindle was an interesting device, the original $300 price point was just too high. Slowly, the price came down. However, it was still too expensive to make the jump to a device I wasn’t sure I would regularly use. And I have read plenty of books on handheld electronic devices. I have read e-books since the Palm Pilot TX, and currently read on the iPhone. One of the best features of these devices is the backlit display. Being able to read in bed without turning on the light and disturbing your partner, is a great feature.

I have tried reading on the iPad, but it is just too big. The iPad is not comfortable or light enough for long reading sessions. There is no good way to hold it.  You can hold the $79 Amazon Kindle with just 2 fingers. Try to do that with the iPad. Frankly, the only time I read on the iPad is when reading books with illustrations to my kids.

The price dropped to $79 finally allowed me to jump on the bandwagon and see what all the fuss was about.

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Colours (Xaphoon Jones MEGA EDIT)

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I just came across this song on Hype Machine. My wife says it’s on the alternative station a lot. But, I don’t know anything about that because I’m over 40 and haven’t listened to commercial radio in years. So I have no idea which songs are on constant rotation and which are new. I hear music when I hear music and that’s it!

Anyhow, it’s good. So plug in your hearings aids and enjoy!

Colours (Xaphoon Jones MEGA EDIT) by Xaphoon Jones

cc photo credit: Sukanto Debnath

Gmail phishing scam

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I came across this in my “All Mail” category while trying to find an email I deleted.

Screen Shot 2011 12 10 at 1 50 03 PM

Yup, I’ll get right on that!

You know… just putting this into the spam box is probably not enough. Eh, Google?

Kate Nash – Foundations

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A great song about bad relationships by Kate Nash. There a certain meanness and spite which I can relate to, and regret. I guess I like country music just fine (so long as it’s British).

Ikea Jerusalem syndrome

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I have been Ikea’d.

I took my first trip to the Denver Ikea last week. It’s massive. Larger than you can imagine. Two floors of parking just for one shop. It doesn’t even feel like a store — arriving at Ikea feels like arriving at an airport. You traverse the multilevel parking garage and then trek to the entrance lined with loading and unloading areas. You expect to hear “the white zone is for loading and unloading only.”

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Dragon Express Review

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Dragon Express top

Nuance, the manufacturers of Naturally Speaking (PC) and Dragon Dictate (Mac) have come out with a new voice recognition program for Apple: Dragon Express. Dragon Express is available through the Apple App Store for an initial price of $50.

Just 50 bucks for a voice-recognition package? Where do I sign up!

That’s what I thought anyway. Then I looked at the reviews.

Dragon Exprss App Store reviews

While there are some glowing reviews praising Dragon Express for its recognition, there are many more saying that the program crashes repeatedly and is completely unusable. According to Nuance, the problems are related to another program installed on users’ systems: Cam Twist. Nuance has a link to an updated version of CamTwist that is supposed to solve the problem and a walk-through on how to uninstall CamTwist (as a final option).

Fortunately, I did not have the CamTwist installed, so crossing my fingers, I went ahead and purchased Dragon Express… The download took some time as the program is over a gigabyte in size. However, the installation went smoothly. Starting the program, I again held my breath. Read the rest of this entry »

MacTip: Built in Magnifying Loupe in OSX Lion

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Lion Loupe

Here’s a quick tip from Finis Price presented at MILOfest 2011:

In Preview, hit the tilde key (~) to open a magnification loupe and you can make the loupe larger or smaller by pinching and expanding on the trackpad OR using the plus and minus (+ and -) keys.

You may not be able to just tell your computer “ENHANCE!” However, you can quickly get a nice magnifier!


Michael Caine does Michael Caine

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Everyone does a Michael Caine impersonation. Well, why not go directly to the source. While I’m on a British kick, here is Michael Caine doing… a Michael Caine impersonation. It’s not new, but it’s still very funny!

httpvh://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rX0F3kY3uxU Creative Commons License photo credit: Monsieur Gordon