Adding different highlight colors for PDF in Adobe Acrobat

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Adobe acrobat hightlight 1

One of my favorite tools in Adobe Acrobat is the highlighter. However, when I am commenting and marking up PDF documents , I was frustrated with not being able to select different highlighter colors other than YELLOW!

There’s got to be a way to highlight PDF documents in red, green, blue or any different color, doesn’t there?

There is a way!  With the Highlight tool selected, click CMD+E. A new tool bar pops up letting you select a different highlight color.

Adobe acrobat hightlight 2 small

Now, go have fun highlighting your PDFs in ANY color!

Adobe acrobat hightlight 3 final

And here’s how to add highlight colors in Adobe Acrobat on PC (Windows).

  • Aaron Foster

    It would be great to be able to put the different colors on a custom toolbar to take away the two extra clicks :)