Political Mind Control

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I started listening to Andrea Seabrook’s Decode DC podcast. Episode 2 is a real scorcher! Listen the neuroscience behind the language used in Washington to try to get you to think certain ways on issues.

Ethics of Going Paperless

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I recently had the chance to present on how to take a law office paperless and cover the ethical issues involved with a digital scanning and cloud technology for the Colorado Family Law conference.

Here are the materials from the presentation: Paperless & cloud materials.

For more information about the issues of going paperless, using cloud technology, SaaS, and virtual law offices, take a look at Nicole Black’s “Cloud Computing for Lawyers” from the ABA (Amazon link). Psst: one of my articles is in it, so… SQUEE! However, I’m not getting paid. So you can buy it without worrying that you are enriching me in the process.

Domain name “legal threat” or sales letter?

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Watch out for this fax from USNameRegistrar (dot) com! What would you think if you got a fax with the following in it:

  • Final Notice
  • Intellectual property notification
  • False descriptions and dilution of trademarks…
  • Use of a domain name in bad faith…

Why that looks like I may be in violation of someone’s intellectual property! Am I about to be sued? Oh, noes!

However, as best as I can tell, this is sales letter trying to get me to register ColoradoDisability (dot) us because my disability firm already has a similar domain registered. Anyone care to guess how much they would like to charge to sell the domain to me?

But here’s the thing: would any reasonable person think this is a sales letter on first reading? Hell no! Take a look at the letter for yourself:  usnameregistrar fax.