Political Mind Control

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I started listening to Andrea Seabrook’s Decode DC podcast. Episode 2 is a real scorcher! Listen the neuroscience behind the language used in Washington to try to get you to think certain ways on issues.

TextExpander from Noob to Ninja!

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One of the best presentations at MILOfest was Brett Burney’s guide to using TextExpander like a BOSS!

Here is part one covering the basics:

Viewing tip: bump up the youtube video resolution to see what Brett is typing!

Part 2 is UP! (Even with an i7 and seeing 8 cores light up, processing video takes so looooooong!)

Part 3: “From Milan to Minsk” is UP at long last:

Happiness and Purpose

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Larry Port is presenting on “Hacking Your Mind” at MILOfest. He mentioned a some of things I’ve written about before as well as new items. This provides a good chance to review some of the things that make us happy in our lives.

First up is Martin Seligman’s TED talk revealing the importance of meaning, engagement and having pleasure in one’s life.

Next up is Simon Sinek’s presentation on the importance of “Why” – the need to have purpose and how it inspires others.

Finally, is Teresa Amabile’s presentation on how doing one very simple thing, keeping a journal, can keep you happy.

Remembering what’s important

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Here are some of my favorite presentation and commencement addresses. I watch them about once a year to help me remember doing good art, having fun trying new thing, and doing something new is important (even if you cannot connect how it will translate to paying the mortgage). Read the rest of this entry »

photo by: Tomasz Stasiuk

Happiness has nothing to do with logic

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Here’s an amazing presentation from Rory Sutherland at TEDxAthens on perspective being the key to happiness.

This is not only about personal happiness, but also about the totally unexpected and cheap (even free!) methods of keeping clients and customers happy.

photo by: Tomasz Stasiuk

Zoe Keating – Radical Cello

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One of my favorite artists is Zoe Keating, a very modern cellist who uses a Mac (see the tech angle) to loop music live on stage. The results are fascinating, haunting and often highly emotional pieces.

It takes a bit to get going. If you are the impatient sort, skip to around the three minute mark.

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Money can buy happiness!

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I really enjoyed watching Michael Norton’s TED prevention on How to Buy Happiness (aka if money can’t buy happiness, you’re spending it wrong). It’s a light hearted and fun, yet empirical, talk on how spending your money in different ways can greatly improve your sex life (or at least your overall happiness). Give it a watch:

Our economic choices

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It’s easy to see the economic problems of another country: Greece, Italy. You can look at the economic trends and see what is going to make things worse. However, it is a lot harder to even spot the mistakes in your own fishbowl.

This Planet Money episode on “We’re Headed For A Fiscal Cliff. Should We Jump?” has stuck with me for laying out in stark terms the hard choices we have to make. Give it a listen.

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Cold Heartless Evil

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What makes us do bad things? More importantly, what people do the worst things imaginable. Radiolab covers the subject of evil this week in “The Bad Show.”

  • A fresh interpretation of Stanley Milgrim’s electroshock experiment. It’s not just people’s willingness to follow instructions from a person in a position in authority that allows them to intentionally inflict harm on others. Individuals will act, and continue to act, contrary to their own beliefs, and in a way that is abhorrent even to themselves, because of an intellectual buy-in to the greater good.
  • Saint or sinner: Fritz Haber, the man who saved the world from starvation also developed and personally implemented (on the front lines) one of the most terrible weapons in history.
  • And last, interview with a killer.

Give it a listen:

Creative Commons License photo credit: Greencolander

Paddy Ashdown: The global power shift

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Watching the Sunday “talking head” shows is truly an exercise in frustration. Big name politicos repeatedly hit their talking points and the hosts wont ask tough questions for fear that the politico wont come back on. I contrast that with this discussion of the shift of global power from a single pole (the United States) to a multi-polar world in the new century and from nations to transnational groups.

I don’t agree with everything in this discussion. I do not share Ashdown’s faith that transnational treaties can to bring law and curb the power of transnational groups. WIPO being one example where the proposed treaties seem designed to promote large rights-holder interests, exclude critics, and short-circuit democratic involvement via secret discussion. However, compared to the fare on Sunday morning news shows, the piece is still a breath of fresh and frank discussion.

Creative Commons License photo credit: Satoru Kikuchi