Cute Cats and The Arab Spring

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I saw this mentioned on BoingBoing last week: it is a discussion from the 2011 Vancouver Human Rights Lecture series discussion the importance of mainstream internet venues in democratic movements: unlike small networks (whose shutdown may be invisible to the mainstream), use of popular networks like Flickr, Facebook and Youtube means that heavy-handed shut-downs will likely make more people aware that something is going on. A very Freakonomics bit of analysis! | Cute Cats and The Arab Spring. Via BoingBoing

Creative Commons License photo credit: Dr. Hemmert

Inside Foxconn

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Apple infinite Loop

This week’s This American Life showcases Mike Daisey’s amazing journey into the heart of Apple’s (and many other’s) manufacturing at Foxconn. Daisey’s plan started simply enough: going up to the gates of Foxconn and seeing if any workers want to talk. Other journalists with whom Daisey shared his plan with, thought this would be … a very bad idea. Undeterred, Daisey went ahead. Then he saw the armed guards.

Surviving that first encounter, Daisey decided to get bold.

Check out Mr. Daisey and the Apple Factory | This American Life.

UPDATE 03/16/12: This American Life has retracted (pdf link) the episode for “numerous fabrications.” Now, of course, any company that installs anti-suicide nets on roofs and whose workers have died after 60 hour shifts, probably has some issues. This American Life is to air a special episode concerning the retraction and corrections tonight at 8pm. Via GawkerBusinessInsiderThis American Life.

UPDATE 03/18/12: The retraction episode of This American Life if available here. Or, listen to it below:

Creative Commons License photo credit: Codexian

The geek is strong with this one!

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Star wars car window decal

I saw this at my kid’s school parking lot. That’s one supportive wife that guy’s got!

The Lean Startup

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Just as in my firm, many solo and small firm attorneys are blazing their own path; trying to find their way to building a profitable business. However, most of us, never went to business school. So, we are just finding our way in the dark.

We have a lot of advantages: we are small, lean, and can turn on a dime. This gives us agility.

  • We can drop things that are not working.
  • We can quickly respond to changes.
  • We to make continuous improvements without the approval of a board of directors.

However, it still helps to have a model in place. Personally, I think a great place to look is tech industry startups. They are also not shackled with low barriers to entry and low costs. I also think their notions of rapid iterations apply in a law firm setting.

Here is a great discussion on the TWiT network with Eric Ries, author of the Lean Startup, discussing what works for startups. Give it a watch.


You can also download a podcast version here.

What do you think? What’s the best startup advice you have to lawyers going out on their own?


Cali Lewis marshmallow recipe. YUMMY!

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Cali lewis marshmallow recipe

How do you make home-made marshmallows? The Cali Lewis way, of course!

Ever since Cali showed her recipe for marshmallows on the late lamented (I know, I know. It’s now), making marshmallows “the Cali way” has been a holiday tradition at my house. There’s a legacy for you: hundreds of episodes, and what sticks? Marshmallows!

Sadly, Cali Lewis’ recipe for marshmallows did not make the transfer to her new home at This means that while the original video is still floating around the interwebs (like the links below), the written recipe has disappeared into the ether. So, let’s rectify that right now! Note: I’m not trying to steal content from Cali. The written recipe has dropped off the radar, so I am just trying to make it available again. I hope Cali approves.

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Singing Christmas Hedgehogs

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Here’s a funny video to put you in the mood for Christmas. That is, if Christmas is all about competition and unrealized desires. Which, after all, is the true meaning of Christmas. Right? Read the rest of this entry »

YoungBlood – Naked and Famous (cover)

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Photo by WonderlaneThis is a year old? Hey, I still discover music from 10 years ago! You all are just lucky, I haven’t put up any Foster the People … yet.. :)

Here’s a good slower cover by Birdy:
Young Blood (The Naked & Famous Cover) — Birdy by hesallears

Creative Commons License photo credit: Wonderlane

Andrew Solomon: A Time of Hope

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The clarinet 1

This is a fabulous story from Andrew Solomon about his trip to find musicians in Afghanistan after the fall of the Taliban. I haven’t heard anything this beautiful in quite a long time. It’s like a real life “Yellow Submarine.”

Give it a listen (mp3 link).

Note: I’m having trouble with the link, and The Moth page doesn’t show this podcast at all (!) as of this writing. Here is a link to the feeds where the podcast shows up. Look for “Andrew Solomon A Time of Hope.”

UPDATE 01/25/12: The MP3 link above seems to be working. However, it’s been pointed out to me that after a while, older episodes of The Moth podcast drop off the feed. Here are some other sources for this episode:

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Best tech gift for under $100

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IMG 0682

With Christmas around the corner, we are all looking for presents for our techie friends and family. While I enjoyed playing with the Kindle Fire from Amazon, the best techie gift for this year is the $79 Amazon e-ink Kindle. This new entry into the Amazon Kindle family is a winner!

At $79, Amazon Kindle is cheap enough to purchase for anyone.

The Amazon Kindle is finally priced right to explore the world of E ink for those of us who have been holding back on this new world of reading.

While I always thought the Amazon Kindle was an interesting device, the original $300 price point was just too high. Slowly, the price came down. However, it was still too expensive to make the jump to a device I wasn’t sure I would regularly use. And I have read plenty of books on handheld electronic devices. I have read e-books since the Palm Pilot TX, and currently read on the iPhone. One of the best features of these devices is the backlit display. Being able to read in bed without turning on the light and disturbing your partner, is a great feature.

I have tried reading on the iPad, but it is just too big. The iPad is not comfortable or light enough for long reading sessions. There is no good way to hold it.  You can hold the $79 Amazon Kindle with just 2 fingers. Try to do that with the iPad. Frankly, the only time I read on the iPad is when reading books with illustrations to my kids.

The price dropped to $79 finally allowed me to jump on the bandwagon and see what all the fuss was about.

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Colours (Xaphoon Jones MEGA EDIT)

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I just came across this song on Hype Machine. My wife says it’s on the alternative station a lot. But, I don’t know anything about that because I’m over 40 and haven’t listened to commercial radio in years. So I have no idea which songs are on constant rotation and which are new. I hear music when I hear music and that’s it!

Anyhow, it’s good. So plug in your hearings aids and enjoy!

Colours (Xaphoon Jones MEGA EDIT) by Xaphoon Jones

cc photo credit: Sukanto Debnath