Chasing the Like Button

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facebook like button
I have spent a completely inordinate amount of  setting up Facebook comments, both on this site, and my disability site. It was quite a bit of work finding a plug-in that actually worked. Or, more to the point, figuring out which plugins did not work, and would not work, no matter the amount of tweaking I put into them.

I previously used Disqus and have been very happy with it. It is a feature rich, stable, and regularly improving comment engine. However, the siren song of comments ringing out and reverberating through Facebook (600 million active users strong) is too enticing to pass up. Read the rest of this entry »

Jonathan Bailey on Preventing IP Theft on the Web

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Jonathan Bailey, of PlagiarismToday and CopyByte, discusses how content creators can protect their intelectual property and deal with copiers, scrapers and out and out theft on the web. Jonathan talks about balancing safeguarding your IP and not inconveniencing your web audience (for example: whether to allow a full RSS feed), as well the tools bloggers can use to guard their content.

Thanks to Jonathan for the interview at OpenCamp DFW.

Techie Tips

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Techie tips:

Blogs On Blogging For Beginning Bloggers

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Great articles for starting bloggers:

And a set of more intermediate articles:

Best Blog Posts For Starting Lawyers

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Outsourcing Building Back Links (aka How To Ruin Your Good Name And Pay For The Privilege)

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Those seeming positive comments that don’t actually say anything and are generic enough to be posted on any site? Which, of course, they are! Here is the latest I received on my Colorado Social Security disability law site:

I am speechless. This is a fantastic site and very engaging too. Excellent work! That’s not really much coming from an amateur publisher like me, but it’s all I could think after enjoying your posts. Great grammar and vocabulary. Not like other site. You really know what you’re talking about too. So much that you made me want to explore more. Your blog has become a stepping stone for me, my friend. Thanks for the detailed journey. I really enjoyed the  posts that I have read so far.

I love legal bloggers;  so I hate seeing them go down the wrong path. One of the benefits of starting small is that you can make mistakes. However, when you take shortcuts to try to get more viewers… well, you are just showing your mistakes to a wider audience.

So I decided to find the attorney and write back Read the rest of this entry »

Kevin O’Keefe on Biggest Mistake Blogging Lawyers Make

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It was great to meet with Lexblog’s Kevin O’Keefe in person at the Denver Legal Bloggers Meetup. Keven was gracious and generous with his time and gave us an interview about the biggest mistakes lawyers make with blogging and social media.

Sorry about the video quality. Guerrilla recording in a dim bar is tricky.

Update: Stephanie West Allen has more videos with Kevin from the meetup here.

Lexblog’s Kevin O’Keefe at Denver Legal Blogger Meetup

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Kevin O’Keefe of LexBlog fame visited at the Denver Legal Blogger (or Blawger) meetup at Katie Mullens Irish Pub last night.

Pictured (from left to right):

It wasn’t such a boys club as the picture might suggest. There were a number of terrific women bloggers also in attendance. Here are just a couple I had a chance to meet with:

Also in attendance were:

I am sorry that I did not have  chance to speak to everyone. If you were at the meetup and I did not get a chance to mention you, please say hi in the comments and include a link to your site.

Thanks to Alli Gerkman, Online Content and Development for Continuing Legal Education in Colorado for the invite!

Legal Blogs: Naming Your Site And Picking A URL

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What to name your legal blog and the name of your site (URL) are chicken and eggs problems. Some people will start by choosing the name of their site, while others will focus on selecting the URL.


Photo credit: Danard Vincente

Wherever you choose to start, you need to pick a name that has the following characteristics: Your blog and url should do the following:

  • Express what you do.
  • Contain keywords to help with your search engine optimization and search engine placement.
  • Be easy to spell.
  • Be easy to remember.
  • Not confuse the reader when spelled together

Give some serious consideration to that last suggestion. Here are some of poorly chosen domain names:

Experts Exchange =

Who Represents =

Therapist Finder =

Also, keep in mind your ethical obligations when selecting a blawg name and URL. Read the rest of this entry »

Self Hosted Legal Blogging – The Simple Pleasures

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Looking up

CC photo credit: aussiegall

Recently I wrote about why I do not believe the large web site services targeting the legal market are a good choice for solo and small law firms. Let’s talk about some of the benefits of starting your own site.

Small is good!

There is nothing wrong with starting a small readership! I understand that it is frustrating to sweat over creating content when only a couple people read it. However, a small readership has its benefits:

  • Small lets you make mistakes.
  • Small lets you find your voice.
  • Small lets you experiment.

If you ever glanced through People magazine or US weekly, you have seen candid shots of celebrities wearing sweats and flip-flops (laundry day, no doubt). All they wanted to do was get their groceries, have a Jamba Juice, or put gas in their car! *FLASH* Now their excursion is memorialized forever in glossy print in your dentist’s waiting room.

Just as there are downsides to fame, being taken to the first page of Google on week 1 also has its problems Read the rest of this entry »