Chris Pirillo at OpenCamp DFW

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Chris Pirillo interviewed at OpenCamp Dallas Fort Worth. Chris was gracious take time following his presentation to discuss blogging, vlogging and how to build an audience.

MILOfest 2010 Influence and Legal Marketing

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Mark Merenda and Victor Medina presented on how the principles from Robert Cialdini’s seminal book, “Influence” apply to law firm marketing. Here is a summary and comments:


The principle of reciprocity is if you do something for someone, they are more likely to do something for you. This runs the gammut from free samples to bringing someone glass of water, to hosting conferences and dinners. Even if the person know they are being manipulated, it still works.

In a legal firm environment, reciprocity can be invoked with something as simple a sending information packets, giving people at your office a hot drink, or hosting a seminar and a meal.

Social Proof

People go where other people are. If you see one person looking up, you will pass him by. On the other hand, if you see four people standing around looking up, you are likely to stop and look as well. That is the principle of social proof.

The easiest way to implement social proof in your practice is through testimonial.

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Tech Story Roundup

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Headline News

Here are some of the best tech stories from around the web.

What were the best articles you read this week? CC photo credit: christopher.woo

Going Geek Sells!

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Planet10tech business card with QR Code has a great article on geeking up your storefront to get more business.  Putting up QR codes lets prospective clients with smart phones get more information about you, your services, links to your website, etc.

This goes beyond storefronts! Even lawyers should harness this! Our business cards are our storefronts. What does yours say about you? If all it says is that you are lawyer, you’re missing the boat!

Your card should tell a story about you! It should, at a minimun, tell customers what you do. It should also your customer an impression of what it’s like to work with you!

I designed my card with the help of Rick Campbell, an amazing designer, who also did my logos. I wanted to convey a high tech, fun, and personal approach.

I also streamlined my business card to just reflect how people can get in touch with me. I include my email, twitter and website address. I cut out my address since I am do not work in just one geographic area. And I added a QR code to let people automatically download my contact information directly into their smart phones address book.

Do you think it works? What does your business card say about you?

CC photo credit: Legal Technology Expert Tomasz Stasiuk

Lexblog’s Kevin O’Keefe at Denver Legal Blogger Meetup

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Kevin O’Keefe of LexBlog fame visited at the Denver Legal Blogger (or Blawger) meetup at Katie Mullens Irish Pub last night.

Pictured (from left to right):

It wasn’t such a boys club as the picture might suggest. There were a number of terrific women bloggers also in attendance. Here are just a couple I had a chance to meet with:

Also in attendance were:

I am sorry that I did not have  chance to speak to everyone. If you were at the meetup and I did not get a chance to mention you, please say hi in the comments and include a link to your site.

Thanks to Alli Gerkman, Online Content and Development for Continuing Legal Education in Colorado for the invite!

Why Lawyers Need To Create Content: The Snowball Effect

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CC photo credit: pincusvt

Creating content is hard. Believe me, I know. It sucks sitting down in front of a blank page. And when it comes to making videos, as soon as the camera light comes on, a fog descends in my brain.

However, there are rewards that come from creating. And I am not talking about the intangible sense of satisfaction of seeing something you have created. I am referring to real world perks.

Articles lead to…
… calls from attorneys around the country,
… which lead to interviews in the media,
… which leads to speaking engagements,
… which leads to completely new opportunities.

Of course, it may not happened immediately, and not all at once. However, it is surprising what nifty opportunities present themselves when you create content.

All you bloggers out there! What opportunities have presented themselves through blogging?