It Is Time To Practice Law A New Way

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Planet 10 Tech is how I help other attorneys use technology to make their practices, and their lives, better. We got into the practice of law to make a difference and to make things better. We wanted a meaningful and satisfying day’s work. Instead, we are often chasing one document or another and trying to figure out where we are in any given case.

That’s a terrible way to practice law. We can do better!

Technology is moving to the point that any lawyer can practice anywhere. Whether from the home office, or the corner coffee shop. It’s now possible to not only review any document in any case from a telephone! We can check statuses, assign tasks and get real work done from a mobile device.

Lawyers are on the cusp of becoming true wireless workers at the center of a distributed ad hoc team.

However, the market is also changing:

  • It’s not enough to be the biggest fish in the yellow pages.
  • It’s not enough to have a website.
  • It’s not enough to lock up your experience behind brass statues and mahogany veneers.

Clients sample lawyers’ wares like a cheese tray at a supermarket. Lawyers have to prove their expertise, their ability to communicate and their like-ability.

Lawyers have to be engaged through blogs, tweets, videos, facebook pages and meet-ups.

We are into the second decade of the new millennium. It is time to practice law a new way!