Hello MILOfest!

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Going to MILOfest (Macs in Law Offices) annual conference is an odd experience. It’s a bit like Lex Luthor going to Lexor. Um, there are no statues, mind you. However, I do have people coming up to me and saying:

Hey, you write planet 10 tech!


You write that disability blog!

It’s nice (if a bit disconcerting). So, thank you for reading and for saying ‘hi.’ Its really awesome. I’ll do my best to not blow up this haven while fighting Superman.

Macs in Law Offices 2011 Conference Coming Up!

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MILOfest (Macs in Law Offices), the premier conference for lawyers and law firms who use Apple computers in their law practice has set a date for the 2011 conference:

November 10 though 12, 2011 at the Coronado Resort Hotel at Walt Disney World in Orlando Florida

Each year (this will the be third) the conference has gotten better and better. It is an awesome chance to mingle and pick the brains of the best Mac legal technologists in the country. Past conferences hosted founders and developers from major Mac legal software companies such as Clio, Rocket Matter, Market Circle and others.

One of the best things about being a Mac using lawyer is that the community is so small and tightly integrated that everyone wants to help you when you are looking for solutions. MILOfest has been our annual chance to get together and learn from each other. If you want to learn more about it check out the MILOfest website and see my videos and posts from last year’s conference.

Jonathan Bailey on Preventing IP Theft on the Web

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Jonathan Bailey, of PlagiarismToday and CopyByte, discusses how content creators can protect their intelectual property and deal with copiers, scrapers and out and out theft on the web. Jonathan talks about balancing safeguarding your IP and not inconveniencing your web audience (for example: whether to allow a full RSS feed), as well the tools bloggers can use to guard their content.

Thanks to Jonathan for the interview at OpenCamp DFW.

Eric Swayne at OpenCamp DFW

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Eric Swayne senior strategist for Rockfish Interactive talks to Planet10tech at the OpenCamp conference about the using and measuring social media strategy effectively.

Wondering what tools to use to measure your social media effectiveness? Check out Eric’s Favorite FREE Social Media Analytics Tools.

Also, check out the slides from Eric’s OpenCamp presentation. Read the rest of this entry »

Cali Lewis at OpenCamp DFW Part 1

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Tech girl extraordinaire, and host of GeekBeat.tvCali Lewis talked to Planet10tech at the OpenCamp conference about the different impacts made by blogging, audio and video — and how to get started!

This video is part 1 of 2. You may recall my prior post about recording several videos before realizing the external mic was not working. Well, this is one of those video. The sound quality is ok, but not stellar. However, I thought you might still enjoy seeing Cali speak about getting out there and creating your own content.

Chris Pirillo at OpenCamp DFW

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Chris Pirillo interviewed at OpenCamp Dallas Fort Worth. Chris was gracious take time following his presentation to discuss blogging, vlogging and how to build an audience.

MILOfest 2010 Ron Elkins on Using iPad in Trial

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Ron Elkins gave a terrific presentation at MILOfest (Macs in Law Offices) 2010 on how he uses iPads to create a slam dunk trial presentation and cut costs for his office.

Planet10tech caught up with Ron after the presentation for quick run down.

MILOfest 2010 Victor Medina Conference Organizer

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If you are wondering what all this “MILOfest” stuff is, Planet10tech got a interview with the Macs in Law Offices conference organizer, Victor Medina:

MILOfest 2010 Amin Rahmani on Daylite

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World's Favorite Sport
Amin is a mac lawyer’s best friend.

In case you don’t know, MarketCircle, the company Amin works for, are the developers of Daylite and Billings – two native Apple project management and billing software solutions for both the Mac and iPhone. For many Mac using lawyers, Amin is the face of MarketCircle: active on the Macs in Law Office’s listserve and the MarketCircle representative at the last two MILOfest conferences (which MarketCircle has sponsored).

Amin talked to Planet10tech at MILOfest 2010 to share recent developments with Daylite and what we can expect from the iPad version of Daylite (coming soon!).

CC image credit: vramak

MILOfest 2010 Mark Merenda on Hiring Strategies for Law Firms

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Mark Merenda‘s other presentation at MILOfest 2010 (Macs in Law Offices) covered mistakes lawyers make when hiring.

Mark was gracious enough to shares just some of the tips covered including the proper approach to hiring and what traits to look for in job applicants.

Mark Merenda consults on the business of running law firms and crafting law firms into a compelling experience for clients at SmartMarketing. You can read his blog at LawFirmHelp.com.

CC image credit: Simon Blackley