Cool iPhone Trick: Sliding Notification Launches App

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Cool iOS trick. You can slide the notification to unlock your screen on iOS devices (iPhone or iPad) to unlock your screen and go directly to the app.

Got a Facebook notification? Slide left to right (just like the unlock bar) and your phone goes directly to the Facebook app. Same for other types of notifications. Of course, if your phone is locked, sliding the notification icon will take you to the unlock screen first, and then to the app.

Cool, huh?

Circus Ponies NoteBook for iPad Announces Dropbox Sync

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NoteBook 3.0 for MacI just got news in my inbox that CircusPonies Notebook (my favorite information organizer) now comes with Drobox integration, letting you sync your Notebooks to your iPad. I use Notebook as a master case document in my disability practice and it helps me keeps all the parts of my cases organized. Here are some early comments about Dopbox syncing in the CircusPonies forums.

CircusPonies Notebook for iPad is available in the iOS App Store for $29 (ouch!) . The original desktop version is also available for $59 at the Mac App Store. However, if you only plan on using Notebook on only one device, you can buy it for $49 at CircusPonies site.

Google Voice App Updated!

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Good news everyone!

The Google Voice app was updated. I have been playing with it over the weekend and it no longer crashes with every launch, button click, scroll, sideways glance.


Where did tethering go on the iPhone 4S?

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If you just got a new iPhone 4S and had tethering through AT&T, you may be wondering:

Where is the option to turn tethering back on?

I have gone through the setting several times trying to find this myself without much luck.

It seems that tethering is available through Settings > Network > Personal Hotspot.

I could swear I had checked there. Several others on the web confirm that the setting magically appears after the phone is reset, or they have a “one moment it just appears there” experience.

Since the setting has “appeared” in that menu, I cannot recreate the event. Has anyone else noticed the Personal Hotspot setting magically appearing in the Network menu?

Thanks to AT&T forums.


iPhone 4S – Should Lawyers Upgrade?

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Apple Store, 5th Ave., NYC, 7/12/08 - 13 of 19

Well, I’ve writing about the iPhone 4s for about a week now; from my disappointment that Apple did not release a 5, to the anticipation about Siri.

This isn’t going to be a review of the iPhone 4S. There are plenty of them around the web. Check out Gizmodo or Ars Technica if you are looking for an overview. Now, if you are a real geek, you got one already.

However, if you are on the ledge, deciding if there is enough there to justify toprice, here is what you need to know:

  1. The camera rocks! Colors are more natural and images are more lifelike. It is hard to quantify, but photographs taken on the iPhone 4S are noticeably better than on the iPhone 4. Low light photos are clearer with less grain. Just don’t expect to be able to take shots in near darkness.
  2. Video makes every other portable video camera obsolete. The killer feature is video stabilization. Videos have much less jitter. While the iPhone 4S won’t give you steadicam, the screen movement is smooth and less distracting.
  3. Speed. Apps feel snappier, load, and switch faster. In Facebook moving between posts and comments feels quite a bit faster. Starting up the camera app from the homescreen is several second faster. However, when I last left the camera in video mode, I was still able to count 10 seconds before the camera was functional.
  4. Siri.Two words: it works. I have no doubt that in short order people will be complaining about Siri’s limitations: no turn by turn directions, recognition errors, lack of an API, reduced functionality from the original Siri app. However, straight out of the box, Siri is a game changer. Read the rest of this entry »


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“Siri… when will AT&T  let me activate my phone? Siri?”

Siri Seriously?

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Uhura Uniform, Dearly Photographed

One of the flaws with voice control on the iPhone (before the amazing and magical iPhone 4S — let’s hope anyway) was the delay before you could give a command.  Press the main button and hold for 1… 2… 3…  screen comes up 4… /boop-boop. Finally, it is ready.

Yes, this is so much better while driving. Ok. It probably is. However, holding a button for 4 seconds to show the phone you really mean to issue a voice command is, well, lame.

Look, what I really want is Star Trek, okay? Tap the communicator, instant /boop-boop, and talk!

Can you imagine if they had to stand there pressing the communicator for 4 seconds before it turned on. Well, there would have been a helluva lot more dead crew members.

So, with Friday’s iPhone 4S (“S” for “It’s not the 5 Sucka!”), I’m hoping 1) voice control works, and 2) it doesn’t take so long to activate that I just never want to bother using it.

Creative Commons License photo credit: Orin Zebest

iOS 5 iPhone Start-Up Screens

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I just got iOS downloaded and installed on my iPhone 4 (non-S). Here is a first look at the iOS 5 startup screens:

Read the rest of this entry »

Do I need a SMS plan with iMessage?

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Paper money, extreme macro

Strictly speaking, no.

iOS 5’s new iMessage SMS-like app service lets you send messages without a SMS plan. Huzzah! This is double-plus-good since AT&T has eliminated their $5 for 200 texts and $10 for 1,000 texts plan.

iMessage, a new app launching as part of iOS 5, will offer iPhone, iPad and iPod touch owners unlimited free messaging over Wi-Fi and 3G networks.

The New York Times reports that the forthcoming service is being perceived as a threat to mobile operators. iMessage and other similar services will allow smartphone users to rely on existing data plans and Internet service for text messaging functionality, thereby avoiding having to pay for high-margin SMS plans from wireless operators.

via AppleInsider | Apple’s free iMessage expected to undermine carriers’ high-profit SMS business.

SMS, MSS (photos, etc) are supposed to work in iMessage. HOWEVER…. iMessage only works with iOS devices and Macs. Ohhh… So close! So if you send a lot of texts to non-iOS users, you may still need a SMS plan. That or WhatsApp (hint-hint).

UPDATE: If you have installed iOS 5, you may be wondering where the mysterious iMessage app is? Well, the Messages app is iMessage. Or more accurately, the Message app uses the iMessage service to send free messages.

One thing to keep in mind is that your SMS service will be used as a backup is iMessage is not available. So, if you cancel your SMS service, you may get surprise in your monthly bill! Fortunately, you can set up the iOS Message app to only use the free iMessage service (instead of SMS through your carrier). Read the rest of this entry »

Where’s YOUR iPhone 4S?

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You know what I’m hearing in my household?

My iPhone 4S is in KENTUCKY! I think I’ll get it by THURSDAY!

Yeah? That’s AWESOME… You know where mine is? Still in “Preparing for Shipment” My wife ordered hers at 3am. I actually got some sleep on Friday night and ordered mine at 6am.

And I’m going to be hearing about this up until my phone arrives… whenever that happens to be.

Creative Commons License photo credit: wfyurasko