Why can’t I check my Apple repair status online?

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Dear Apple,

You know I love you, right? I buy your computers. I buy your phones. I’ve stood in lines. I buy AppleCare. I buy ProCare. I bought MobileMe subscriptions.

I’ve had good experience with your Geniuses. And I love being able to get my systems repaired when there’s a problems.

But… how do I say this?


As good as your in-store experience is, calling your store on the phone is … pretty bad. I start off by stating that I’m calling to check a repair status, and both times (with different agents) I got a terse, “well, what’s your name?” I understand that you need my name. However, I don’t start off with “I-need-to-check-my-repair-status-my-name-is…” First, because my name is not “John Smith”; I’m going to have to spell it for you. And second, because I figure your associates may need to pass me to someone else, or change screens, or what-not. So, I pause before telling your agents more.

And what is with the indefinite repair times? The first time I called, on the day I was told to check back when dropping off the MacBook in store, I was told that there was another part that needed to be ordered (that’s fine, thanks for looking out for me). However, that’s when we started going round and round about when the laptop might be ready:

When do you think the part will be in?

We get shipments daily.

Do you think it will be in tomorrow?

Probably not.

Ok, so… when do you think the repair will be done?

We’ll call you when it’s ready.

I’m sure you will. But, uh, can you give me some idea of when it might be ready? Just generally speaking… By the end of the week? Next week? Next month? I rely on that machine,

It may be by the end of the week or early next week.

So, I waited and called on Monday, when I got the second terse, “well, what’s your name?” I provided the info and after waiting a bit, I was told that it may be ready in a couple of days and I will get a call. I replied that I was told that they were waiting on a part and asked if it had come in?

I didn’t ask that, you only asked for a status check…

/sigh. True enough. However, come on! Why does calling an Apple store have to be like calling a badly run mom-and-pop? I asked if there is an online way to check repair status?

Uh, no. We don’t have that.

While I doubt that I’m the first person to suggest this, I’ll do it anyway: Apple, could we please have an online way of checking repairs? Pretty-please?