Pocket Casts: Better Podcast App

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I’m a big fan of podcasts:¬†This American Life, Radiolab, several shows from TWiT. It’s great to listen to my favorite shows in the car or while exercising. However, I hate syncing to get new shows. When I am running to get out the door, I either leave without fresh episodes or I end out dancing in front of the computer shouting, “faster!”

I have tried using the built in option to get new podcasts from iTunes on the phone, but it is a number of extra clicks, and it isn’t automatic.¬†Since seeing a recommendation for Pocket Casts, I decided to give it a try. While the interface is a bit busy, it completely untethers your iPhone from your computer.

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How To Create And Read QR Codes!

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Qr code flock
QR codes or “Quick Response” codes, these squiggly boxy bar codes with an inflated sense of self worth are a great way of storing information. They are also a great way of letting customers find out more about your business, find your website, and add your contact information directly to their smart phone.


I love business cards. There is a art to creating a beautiful card. Your cards can make people happy!

The only problem is that people lose them, or get so many that they can’t find your card! If your customer does not enter your contact information into their phone, blackberry, iphone or put your card into their day planner, it is likely that they won’t be able to find your information when they need it!

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