Circus Ponies NoteBook for iPad Announces Dropbox Sync

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NoteBook 3.0 for MacI just got news in my inbox that CircusPonies Notebook (my favorite information organizer) now comes with Drobox integration, letting you sync your Notebooks to your iPad. I use Notebook as a master case document in my disability practice and it helps me keeps all the parts of my cases organized. Here are some early comments about Dopbox syncing in the CircusPonies forums.

CircusPonies Notebook for iPad is available in the iOS App Store for $29 (ouch!) . The original desktop version is also available for $59 at the Mac App Store. However, if you only plan on using Notebook on only one device, you can buy it for $49 at CircusPonies site.

100 Tips Update – 77 and Argh!

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Mango HaX0ring

Not actually my cat

Yesterday, I started putting together a list of the 100 tips. This was just a rough list of headings. No bodies. Just what each tip should cover. It was just a brainstorming session; just to get out as much as I could. I got to around 64 items.

Today (Saturday), after a family trip to Indian Springs West of Denver, I copied the list into Circus Ponies Notebook, then started labeling sections, and began organizing which tips should go where. Notebook is great for this since you can very easily indent, outdent, and move entries around in a outline. Plus you have separate pages, and an absolutely amazing index. Which is why I use Notebook for my master case document for each and every one of my Social Security disability cases.

Back to the project at hand. Some entries were duplicates and others were really better as sub-topics. Then, still other sections just needed to be added. I also did a pass on the introduction and the disclaimer.

So, now I am up to 77 tips. I still need 23 more so when June 1 rolls around, I can start writing a “tip” a day. I also now see that while some tips may be fairly short, many will be a few pages in length. I always preferred to boil things down and keep them light. Hence, I was not a good candidate for law review. The idea is to keep the book readable, while still providing a solid primer on SSA disability – a “what you need to know” if you will. However, even at a brief “couple” of pages per tip, doing one a day, is going to be tricky…

So, now I have a few more days to get the remaining 23 topics nailed down. A couple more runs through the list should reveal some gaps that need to be filled. Hopefully, I can cross the 100 mark. However, now it is late, and I have a cat sitting on my chest as I type this on the laptop, tapping his tail on the trackpad. Time to sign off.

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MILOfest 2010: Ben Stevens on Taking Notebooks to Go

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Circus Ponies Notebook is a terrific way of keeping track of your cases. I create a “notebook” using the Circus Ponies application for each case in my disability practice.

The only downside of the Notebook is that it is not a cloud application and you have to have a computer (a Mac, actually) to use it. You cannot read Notebook files on on portable devices likes iPads or iPhones.

Ben Stevens (The Mac Lawyer) has a great tip about taking your Notebooks on the go on the iPhone or iPad.

Step 1: export your Notebook. Click File –> Export as Website –> To Disk

Step 2: move the html file to your iPhone or iPad using Airsharing.

Step 3: there is no step 3.

Now you can view your Notebook file on your iPhone or iPad including all of your attachments! That means all of the PDFs, the audio files, the video files (!) you put into a Notebook are THERE in your portable Notebook file!

IMPORTANT: make sure to have “copy the file into the Notebook” selected for the attachments to be included with the exported html file.

Here are some considerations:

  • Manual process. You have to manually export each notebook.
  • Read only. The exported html can only be viewed. You cannot add, change or remove things from the exported notebook file.
  • Notebooks are not updated. One of the gems of the Notebook, is that it is so easy to update what is going on with your case. It may be obvious that once you export the file as an HTML is that the exported file is a snapshot of the Notebook file at a particular time. The exported notebook file will not update with any additional information you may put into the Notebook file on the computer.

MILOfest is an annual conference for Mac based law firms.

Image credit (top image): CC photo credit: Simon Blackley