COFFEE! I was right dagnabit!

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Following up on my writing Under the Influence post, I see that coffee is AWESOME.

Suck it earl gray!

Via Geeks are Sexy via Neatorama.

Writing Under the Influence

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Coffee is my drug of choice.

Coffee beans @ Pulau Ubin

Yeah, sorry to disappoint you. Worse still, revealing such a mundane stimulant so early in the post will probably turn off a lot of Google searches unless I put in something like, “Walnut shells, roasted, soaked in tequila can produce a remarkably open state of mind and facilitate…” However, then there is the liability issue and I really don’t care to be a test case with hundreds of pages which ultimately can be summarized as:

If you screw with stoners, we’re going to nail your ass to a wall.

– Love, the Supreme Court Board of Law Examiners.

Coffee. Yes, coffee. The dark mistress. For me ,at least, it often produces a mild euphoria and slightly trance like state. No, no double-rainbows. I still know what is going on, but some filters are lowered and I am better able to channel creativity.

It does not last though. So, while I’m on the right side of “happy coffee” mountain, I need to write. Because I know that soon, I will becoming down the jagged side of the post caffeinated crash. See! Coffee is like other drugs. But, please don’t criminalize it.

I have already written on the book today, and I can feel muse leaving me now. So, I will try to write a bit more, then take the kids home and make dinner and then edit. Editing I can do straight.

Creative Commons License photo credit: jensen_chua