If Law Schools Lie, Students Aren’t Listening

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David Segal’s New York Times Article, Is Law School a Losing Game has touched a cord with many practicing lawyers and law students. Very broadly, David Segal, and the posts written in response, discuss the post-purchase regret law students feel after spending upwards of $120,000 for three years of law school. Without a guarantee of a job, let alone a good paying one, many graduates feel taken for a ride by their law school’s marketing offices.

Of course, students might as well blame David E Kelly and his portrayal of lawyers on tv. Certainly this is a glib retort. However, I doubt that more than 5% of law school applicants decided to pursue a legal degree based solely on the earnings potential. I have no doubt that the common perception of the well-off lawyer played a part. I just don’t believe it was the deciding factor in choosing to go to law school. Read the rest of this entry »