Attack of the list post: Denver

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Denver has become quite an international city. While up at the Ikea, I heard German, French, Swedish and a half-dozen other languages I could not recognize. And not just occasionally, but about every fourth person! Of course, this may be something of a self-selecting group, considering the strong “It’s Swedish!” marketing. It could just be that Ikea is this decades United Colors of Benetton.

However, it got me wondering. Where does Denver fit into the big US cities. Top 10? Top 20? Over the past 16 years (!) I have watched Denver grow: the massive buildup of the downtown and Lodo, the spread. We’re up there now, right?

Cue Wikipedia. Denver is 26! Hmmm. 26? Who else is up there? Sure, you can name the BIG cities, New York, LA, Chicago. Beyond that, though, I’m not sure. There were some surprises:

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