Hey Facebook, Screw You Too!

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I have realized that I just don’t like Facebook anymore. With its recent update, I no longer get the full stream of my friends posts (even if I individually click on them and select everything), and they don’t see all of my posts either.

And it finally struck me what is so annoying about this: Facebook is like a moderator at a party constantly turning off conversations it deems not interesting enough.

Excuse me, but was I talking to you? No. I’m talking to my friends and family. I didn’t “friend” you, Facebook.

It’s bad enough that you are listening in on our conversations, without you also editing them by promoting and demoting threads! And your practice of demoting threads to the point they don’t even appear on my friends’ radar? Bite me!

Congratulations, Facebook. You have become MySpace: your annoyance factor has outstripped your utility (and you did it without even adding flashing backgrounds).

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Death on Facebook

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I am writing this one day after learning that a friend from high school took his life. I am tabling this post for a bit to let emotions settle. You see, “Jeff’s” (not his real name) death broke on social media.

The word quickly spread among his friends. I heard about it on Twitter and then through messages on Facebook. People started posting pictures they had of Jeff on his page. I did it too. They started telling stories, the things they loved about him, and their favorite memories. There were songs, and tributes posted. Friends of friends expressed their sorrow for our loss. Jeff’s favorite songs and music from 80s when we were all in high school.

The problem was it was all happening so fast, that Jeff’s family had not even been notified that he was dead.

Then the backlash started: Read the rest of this entry »

Chasing the Like Button

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facebook like button
I have spent a completely inordinate amount of  setting up Facebook comments, both on this site, and my disability site. It was quite a bit of work finding a plug-in that actually worked. Or, more to the point, figuring out which plugins did not work, and would not work, no matter the amount of tweaking I put into them.

I previously used Disqus and have been very happy with it. It is a feature rich, stable, and regularly improving comment engine. However, the siren song of comments ringing out and reverberating through Facebook (600 million active users strong) is too enticing to pass up. Read the rest of this entry »

Time to Secure Facebook (Yes AGAIN)!

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With the recent concern over Facebook privacy (if that isn’t an evergreen topic I don’t know what is) specifically the Firesheep plugin for the Firefox browser. If you are not familiar with it, Firesheep is a dead simple plugin that lets people see and capture the password for other Facebook users on the same network.

If you ever use an open wifi — say at your local Starbucks — and checked your Facebook page, someone else in the cafe might also have not only gotten full access to your Facebook page on that day, but also now been able to log on to your Facebook page ANY TIME THEY WANT.

Feel free to re-read that and let it sink in.

Fortunately, Facebook has implemented some new security options to fix this problem. So, it’s time to review and tighten up your Facebook security. Yes, again! Read the rest of this entry »