Restoring sort-by-column in OS X Lion’s Finder list view

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Apple’s OS X 10.7 Lion can be an amazingly annoying beast. Things that worked one way in prior versions suddenly stop working.

Recently, I had the darnedest time time trying to sort files in list view in the Finder. The descriptions above each column were grayed out, with no way to click on them to change the “sort by” category. I found I could no longer switch between sorting by name, date modified, size or kind.

So I pulled up the View options (Cmd-J or from the pull down menu “View – View Options”).

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Mac Tip: Removing files from Favorites side bar in OSX 10.7 Lion

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Among the changes in Apple’s OS X 10.7 is how to remove files and folders from the Favorites sidebar in Finder.

I recently noted that I had accidentally dragged a file in to the Favorites folder.

No problem. I’ll just drag it off.

Except that dragging an item off the Favorites sidebar doesn’t work any more in Lion. Thanks Apple!

Thanks to a bit of googling and other users with the same problem, I found the trick.

Hold down the “Command” button while dragging the file. 

The file comes off with and vanishes with the regular puff of smoke when you let go of it outside of the Finder window.